Sunday, October 31, 2010

Strider Death Stalker

Legion of EverBlight Strider Death Stalker Legion of EverBlight Strider Death Stalker

After a morning of hay fever and asthma which killed my gaming for today, I found enough energy to do a little painting. I decided to try out a wet pallet, with the warmer weather arriving, paint is drying a lot faster. I just used a dice tin, some tissue paper and a thick bit of drawing paper. Once I dried the pallet out a bit after starting with to much water. It worked really well. What I did find was that mixing up small amounts of colours to do blending was really easy. The best part was being able to easily mix up the same colour an hour later, and as the original colours were still wet, matching up was a breeze as you didn’t have to guess at the drying effect on the colour. I can’t believe I haven't tied it before now. It’s definitely going to see a lot of use though summer.

With the Death Stalker I used a combination of colours to match the rest of my Legion, the cape was the same as Lylyth’s and the Armour the same as the WarSpears. I added a little green glow to the sword for poison effect but I’m not to sure about the bow at this point.

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