Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love’n the Scavengers

Cryx Themed list

Well we cranked out three games on Sunday at 35 points each, I played all three games against Chris Circle…. (now that's a surprise) , I used my Scavengers of the Line themed list for all three, Just dropped it back to tier 3 for one game and dropped the Corruptor and added in a Nightwretch to use as an arch node. That worked really well, being able to arc from the start, rather than relying on the Corruptor pulling it off with Psycho venom. That hardly ever works for me, although I haven't had to many chances to use it yet as I seem to always end up aiming him into the enemy beasts. The Bloat Thrall has been the standout for the last four or five games now, just making sure I get him into position quickly, he’s been raining havoc. Found myself using the blast damage quite a bit to to help take out those stealth enemy, with the 5inch AOE I’ve had great success on taking things out even with the auto deviate. When I start playing 50 point games I’ll probably have to get another one, for 2 points they just rock. My only problem with the list at the moment is the number of scrap thralls that I’m gonna need  if I keep playing the list, I’ve had 12 or more on the board at once… which is freaking awesome… as long as you don’t keep them to close to too many of your other troops. I’ve also got a good feel for the Necrotechs now, and using them not only to create scrap thralls and repair jacks, but to actually get in their and do some hitting in the later turns. I’ve managed to use them quite successfully with there reach to help clear out lanes for other troops.  And of course Asphyxious and his feat can be down right absurd when your rolling well.

So onto planning a 50 point list, the second Bloat thrall was on my list, and a Sharlock as well. I’ve been looking at the Bane Thralls and a Nercosurgeon to fill out the list and or more Mecanithralls. Most likely to go with Bane thralls since I don’t own any at this point.




On the painting side of things, not much keeps getting in the way. But started on some of my Merc’s, just practicing faces which I’ve always struggled with. Slowly getting the hang of it.

Mercanaires Captain Sam Machorne Mercanaires Rutger Shaw Mercanaires Drake McBain

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