Saturday, January 29, 2011

A table fit for Legion

I rolled out my Legion today in 2, 35 point games. Having not played them in several months I actually found it easy to pickup again. I ran with the same list in both games. The first up against Chris and his entire proxied Menoth army (AKA my Cryx). Then I squared off against Will and his Khador machines.

I basically made the list up of things I hadn’t played in a long time, or things I’d had miserable experiences with. So the Spell Marytr, Forsaken and Deathstalker all made the list, having never really got a grip on any of them in the few games I had previously played.

Painted Addiction - Legion Army List

Having only just put the War Chief together, I had to play my favourite War Spears to take advantage of the War Chief. Although it ended up they did bugger all in both games.. other than die.

The biggest thing of the day was playing with the brand spanking new.. not released yet ruins from GaleForce Nine. Mark had gotten himself several thanks to his work. They are really ..really nice. Big, heavy and solid.. I’ll be getting me some for sure.

image image

Here’s a few shots I snapped off with the iphone.. thanks to me misplacing my camera, so they aren’t to sharp. But better than nothing. The table looked awesome with buildings everywhere.

Painted Addiction - Table layout Painted Addiction - Table layoutPainted Addiction - Table layout Painted Addiction - Table layout Painted Addiction - Table layout

On a side note, I won both games, but they were close, The Forsaken Blight Bomb worked rather well in both games, and I managed to use the Spell Martyr in both games as well. The Deathstrider didn’t fear to good, but I didn’t pit her against the right foes so no surprise there..aka Jacks were all she really got to shoot at.

The Stingers played there part and just tied up the enemy and did minimal damage. The Angelius was king in both games.

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