Sunday, February 13, 2011

Viking Horde

image imageimage

After long week at work, my wife scored a cheap second hand table tennis table for the garage. At 5 x9 foot it’s a perfect gaming table. It also folds up so in winter I can still park my car in the garage.

I got a few hours in painting my Viking yesterday with that in mind I just spent a bit of time looking around for ideas for the shields. Pulled a few ideas from a few books I have, these ones above are from  “The Vikings - Voyagers of Discovery and Plunder “ and also allot from the internet. So found some nice looking runes that the Vikings would have used back in the day, so going to try and get some of them onto some shields.


Here’s what I’ve been working on, I’m still pretty new at painting in 15mm so learning a lot as I go.

Norse VikingsNorse Vikings

Norse VikingsNorse Vikings

Irish Vikings

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