Monday, February 28, 2011

Wave Assault – The battle

So we decided to play the “Wave Assault” from the Mission Book. The day started out with me lining up all my Tyranids into the three groups for the assault, one for each front while Mike and Darryn deployed there Space Marines and Eldar into their deployment zone. Separating my list into three groups was a bit of a mind bender, with synapse range to consider I had to split my force up. I went for two stronger groups and one small groups with a little punch, in the form of Zoanthopes.


Space Marines and Eldar deployment, a formidable force including 4 Gave vehicles and 2 Space Marine Predators.                                Wave2 Wave3

My first group deploy along the left flank , with Mike’s Death Company dead in their sites. But all those vehicles not far behind were a little daunting.


Mike’s Death Company take a pounding from my first round of shooting as the Dice God’s laughs as Mike fails lots of saves.

My Tervagon spawns 10 more grunts but rolls a double and stops spawning for the rest of the game. I lose a few Termagaunts in the shooting round but nothing else is in range so an easy and quick turn 1.


Turn 2 see’s one of Darryn’s Gav Tanks zooms in and deploy some troops right in front of my 32 Termagaunts giving them something to shoot at and with a Space Marine Dreadnought steaming forward into position. My Tervagon charges the Gav Tank and managed to completely miss everything. My second group deploys along the front, including my Hive Tyrant and a Tyrgon Prime and lots of troops. They poured in, engaging a squad of marines, and my Genestealers assaulted the Predator. This turn saw my Tyranids take a massive pounding. The Baal Predator flamed 80% of my Gargoyles before they even got to shoot at anything and the ripper swarms got barbequed quickly. My genestealers got completely decimated after the damaged Predator limped off leaving them in the open to be cut down by the Eldar.


Turn 3 sees the rest of my Tyranids deploy on the right flank, with all the shooting failing. To short or just simply missing or those damn Medic’s and Armour saves. Then in my Ravenors assault and hit on every roll only to have them all.. yes all save, unfortunatly they take one wound and end up fleeing.

We battle it out until turn 5, at which point most of my Tyranids are dead, with my Trygon and all my heavy support dead in turn 4, I have no way of taking out the vehicles as the Dreadnought stomps though my remaining troops.

All in all a really fun game, a great mission to play with lots different things to think about. My lack of play and remembering the rules meant I missed out a a good few dice rolls in the first few turns, but I don’t think it would have changed the outcome. The combination of Eldar and Space Marines was down right nasty especially with what Mike and Darryn fielded. looking forward to the next game,

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