Sunday, April 10, 2011

Battletech mania

Clan_Jade_Falcon_Logo_by_PunakettuAfter yesterdays web surfing over Battletech stuff and then finding these videos, I’ve gone and ordered the box set. Even found my old Mechwarrior RPG book and a Technical readout book from the good old days.  So I’m on a complete Battletech buzz at  the moment.

So I’ve definitely decided to go with the Clan Jade Falcon, I found these pic’s online to get some idea’s. Really looking forward to the box arriving and getting a game or two in. I’m hoping that the game is good and as fun as I remember it.

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On the new blog theme, I’ve just found that there is a problem with posting video links, for some reason it displays the html on the home page. Which is a bit of a bugger, will have to work that out at some point.

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