Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Egyptians on the Table

Field of Glory - Egyptian Nubian Archers Field of Glory - Egyptian Nubian Archers

I’ve started painting my Egyptians this week, after getting them all mounted. I started out with the Nubian archers and used a black undercoat on the first base, then swapped over to using a dark grey Vallejo Air undercoat for the rest. Painting black skin has been a bit different for me. My first attempt with black and dark greys wasn’t great, so I changed over to just using a Vallejo black shade, which has worked out much better and quicker when going over the dark grey undercoat. Although I think there must be a better way, so I think a little more web searching is in order.

Also today the tokens arrived from Litko. I order the set for Field of Glory a couple of weeks ago from the Litko web site, so delivery time was pretty good. The web site photo’s weren't that great as their isn’t anything to compare them with. So the picture below is of two of my Nubian Archer bases in various stages of painting. Both are light foot bases, so 20mm x 40mm with 15mm figures on them. I’m quite pleased with them, as they aren't to large , so they shouldn’t get in the way when moving the battle groups around on the table. Price wise, I think they are a smidge over priced for the amount of them, 35 in all in the packet. so that worked out at $1 each NZ including shipping. Price aside, still a great product.

Field of Glory - Litko tokens

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