Friday, January 6, 2012

Star Craft – Game 2 & 3

Today has been one of the awesome days where things just start off right and just get better. After getting my models in the post this morning I managed to get in two games of Star Craft the this afternoon. First game was a four player and the second one was a two player game.

After re-reading the rules, and also having had the guys playing read though the rules a bit as well, we managed to cover most rules correctly between all of us. So by my third game I’ve now got them down pat pretty well. (I did really screw up the rules in the first game .. oh well .. live and learn)

Star Craft Board Game - four player game boardStar Craft Board Game - Zerg massing for an attack

First game of four players was a longer game, about 4 hours with lots of stock pilling and only a few combats.  Then we struck the end game cards in the third phase of the event deck (a kind of timer for the game) right before I had my chance to take the win by special victory condition. I had amassed a large number of troops and had just planed (in my head) the end game where I take over a planet and win. But it wasn’t to be.

Star Craft Board Game - two player game boardThe second game was a real head to head, with only two players you have to get stuck in otherwise you lose ground. Mike won by his special victory condition as I wasn’t watching for that.

Having played three games now, I can really say I like the game alot and I’m glad I got it. With the map setup at the beginning of the game it gives you lots of replay ability. Also the game is alot different with varying numbers of players. So that also lends itself to replay ability. It’s another game where the 2nd and 3rd games you play it gets much more interesting and enjoyable as you begin to understand the rules and mechanics of the game.

It will be a very interesting game with six players.

Star Craft Board Game - plastic token holder

I have also used some of the old plastic containers from miniature boxes as token holders to try and help keep them on the table, seemed to work rather well.

I’d defiantly recommend this game to anyone that likes both board games and miniature games, it’s a real highbred one foot in each camp. And it’s alot like the video game.

P.S. The rules themselves aren’t that hard to grasp after a couple of games, the hard part is managing everything and planning out what you are going to do, which is what the whole game is about.

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