Sunday, November 11, 2012

Club Day - November 2012




The monthly club meet was yesterday, and I completely forgot about the game of Fire and Fury I said I'd go in on, with the crazy late night work I've had this week it slipped my mind. So I turned up with a boot load of games that stayed in the car. (Not that's a problem, as any gaming is good gaming with the guys at the club)
So my first game of Fire and Fury (F&F). Coming from a Field of Glory (FOG) background, F&F is much faster, the movement is just huge compared to FOG. Moving distances of 12 and 16 inches etc in a turn. It has lots of tables like FOG for working out shooting and melee etc, with plus's and minus's that add up, so wasn't to hard to pickup the basics. The mechanics a quite different, but if you have played FOG nothing to difficult. My impression from my first game was the D10 system adds a larger element of chance compared to FOG. Not in a bad way I don't think, so from my first game it seemed like a fun system.
Not being a historical minded gamer, Ill just say it was simply the the Russian versus the British. (I'm sure someone will correct me) I was on the British side and we got rolled over after some seriously bad rolling at all the wrong places. Never the less, it was lots of fun, and playing with fully painted minis is always great fun. 

After lunch I played the Rebels against Phil at a game of X-Wing. (Such a fun game) I had some steady rolling this time for a change and a bit of luck. One of my pilots flying through no less that four asteroids and surviving ... Yes surviving with only 1 hit. In the end it came down to Wedge and a Y-Wing against Darth Vader. Wedge came out on top.
Then to round of the day we got in a couple more games of Capital Offensive, introducing it to the guys at the club. Its a really light fast game and is best played with a cheerful bunch of people in a light hearted manor, it definitely wouldn't work well with a serious gamer attitude... It has space aliens, a four armed dude and a Koala, just to mention a few of the characters. 

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