Saturday, November 24, 2012

Evil plan

  So my evil plan has hatched and grown legs, with the second game also being a success with my wife. Yes, I went a bit overboard this week and ended up buying another game, the card game Dominion. 
We broke it out this afternoon and have complete two games. Both of which I lost by miles. And yes I was trying to win both of them. It's a really nice card mechanic and the two games we played were both extremely different from each other. With the card selection for each game of the two games being very different. At about 30 mins a game, it's going to be a nice time filler. 

So now I've got my wife playing card games and tile laying games all within two weeks. The evil plan is working nicely. Now I just need to get some more game sessions under her belt and wait until Chirstmas before bringing in a board game our two.

We are Gamers, Resistance is futile 

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