Monday, December 17, 2012

Battletech–Epic Game

Battletech, you either hate it or love. In my case, I’ve always loved the game. Both versions in fact, whether it’s the full metal grinding of the classic version or the faster play Battle force version.

So Mark and I busted it out again on Saturday for one of the biggest games we have played of the full version. This time Mark went with the Clan’s and I took the Inner Sphere. Mark’s 5 Mechs came in at just over 11,000 points to match my 8 mech’s at just over 10,000 point.

Clan Mechs       (red mechs)            

- BV  = 11240 


  3x Mad Cat (Timber Wolf) B           6672

  2x  Vulture (Mad Dog’s)  B             4568


Inner Sphere  Mech    (Purple Mechs)

- BV  = 10056

  Grand Dragon                    1356      

  Quick Draw                         1237

  Trebuchet                              1348

  Hermes                                649


  Grasshopper                      1354

  Zeus                                      1639

  Catapult                               1368

  Vindicator                           1105

We setup a long table with the Inner Sphere defending a power plant from the attacking Clans. Mark was proxing his Mech’s as the Christmas rush has delayed them in transit.


We both advanced up the table meeting in the middle, my plan was to separate the single Clan lance of 5 Mechs with the forests and concentrate all my firepower onto one or two of the Mechs at a time and try and take them down quickly, expecting to lose a couple of mine in the process, but that, would then still leave me at the advantage with number.


The plan laid to waste pretty quickly, as I moved up the table.


Getting up close and personal, I was hitting the ground and everything else except the Clan Mechs, all the time taking a serious punishment from the superior shooting (and dicing skills) of the Clan.


The dice went metal for a moment as we had double head shot deaths in one turn. I managed a head shot on one of the Mad Cats and take it out completely killing the pilot, and at the same time Mark did the same to have my Catapult. 


6 Hours of Clan beat stick, I surrender in defeat, deciding my broken and flaming Mechs deserved to live for another day…. that's the ones not in a heap of scrap metal.

There really wasn’t to much left standing of my Mech’s, and what standing was only just standing and not much else. A great game, looking forward to running my Clan Jade Falcon Mechs next time.

Battletech - Post Battle Stat sheets


Will and Garth played out the train scenario in Infinity while my Mechs were getting demolished. Not sure how it turned out, but it looked pretty brutal.

Garth’s home built terrain is starting to come along nicely, looking forward to seeing it painted.

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