Sunday, December 12, 2010

Perdita and the Ortega Gang

Malifaux Ortega Gang

Malifaux Ortega Gang

After a hell of a week at work I wasn’t up to using the brain and gaming , I managed to find some time to get in some painting and relax a bit. Ended up over at Mark’s and we spent the day painting and talk about crap. I got stuck into the rest of the Ortega gang while Mark worked on his Flames of War stuff he needed to finish for his job. Cranked up some tunes and yakked about all sorts while painting, it was great just to relax and not worry about rules and being competitive. Think we will need to do that a bit more often, or even look at trying out playing one game in the morning, then spending the rest of the day painting and relaxing.

A bit of basing and a couple of touch up I spotted in the photos and the gang should be ready to rock, I quite enjoyed painting sort of cartoonish colours on them, going to do a similar thing with the Neverborn as well.


I stopped at my local “AO” (Alcoholics Only) A.K.A. The Wine Circle shop on the way home and shouted myself a new bottle of Scotch.. it’s ohhhoooo so nice.. Smile, at 57% barrel strength it has a good kick and goes down nice and smooth, safe to say not much painting going on tonight.

Now all I need to do is learn the rules for Malifaux and finish of my Neverborn Crew.

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