23 September 2012

SSU vs Axis

After losing a very close game of Infinity against Garth in the morning, Will and I rolled out our first games of Dust Warfare. We went with a 200 point game since that's pretty much what we both had points wise. I tried to use all my different units to cover as much of the various weapons so I can get a feel for them.

Below is what I ran in both games, which worked ok, but I didn’t really have anything to take on the Heavy Walkers of the Axis that Will took except Grand’ma. That’s how it felt anyway on the first two games. A re-read of the rules is in order and a few more games under the belt before I go changing this to much, as I need to get to grips with the rules more.

Faction: SSU ( 199 / 200 )

--- Heroes

Koshka Rudinova with Grand'ma (53)

--- Political Platoon (146)

Upgrade: Cavalry Platoon (5)

Command Section: "The Drakoni" Commissar Squad (25)

1st Section: "Chinese Volunteers" SSU Auxiliary Attack Squad (15)

2nd Section: "Fakyeli" SSU Close Combat Squad (21)

3rd Section: "Ohotniki" SSU Rifle Squad (20)

4th Section: "Frontoviki" SSU Battle Squad (20)

Support: MIL MI-45 Airborne Transport (40)

Dust Warfare - SSU vs Axis

We hadn’t quite got the suppression rules right in the first game, which didn’t make a difference to the game outcome as Will demolished my SSU. I ran a unit of my Chinese Volunteers up the middle and they met machine guns and got wiped from the board in one go. I also moved up MIL Helicopter up the middle and ended being shot down in turn two.

Dust Warfare - SSU vs AxisDust Warfare - SSU vs AxisDust Warfare - SSU vs AxisDust Warfare - SSU vs AxisDust Warfare - SSU vs AxisDust Warfare - SSU vs Axis

In the second game we corrected ourselves on a few base rules and that made quite a bit of difference. We did learn playing of the Tactics cards and out of the books was a mistake. Way to easy to make mistakes as there are differences in the cards for Tactics versus the Warfare rules. So I can see myself making up some cards or finding some online to print off.

Dust Warfare - SSU vs AxisDust Warfare - SSU vs AxisDust Warfare - SSU vs AxisDust Warfare - SSU vs Axis

Overall a fun couple of games, the rules aren’t nearly as complex as Infinity, and the action mechanic is kinda similar in concept as Infinity so pretty easy to pickup. I think after a couple more gaming sessions we will have the rules down and the games should run much smoother. Really looking forward to some more games and trying out some SSU tanks in a few months once they get released.

16 September 2012


Zombicide 01Zombicide 02

After having to work all Sunday morning, my gamin this weekend took a back seat, but I did mange to get over the Mark's and get a game in, of his new Zombicide board game that had turned up this week.

Zombicide 03Zombicide 04

Talk about a blast, shooting, bashing and chopping up Zombie’s, what a way to forget about work. The game mechanic’s seem simple enough, but we did mess up the rules a little and make it harder… much harder for ourselves. Pretty much the norm for any experienced war gamer ..(thinking to much into the rules.)

Zombicide 05Zombicide 06

It was a hell of a lot of fun, even if we did all get killed brutally. Looking forward to playing this again. It’s nice and light and doesn’t take to much brain power, which is always nice after a long work week.

Zombicide 07Zombicide 08

10 September 2012

Dust Tactics - Nadya KV47 Walker

Nadya KV47 Walker -SSU Dust Tactics

Nadya KV47 Walker -SSU Dust TacticsNadya KV47 Walker -SSU Dust TacticsBattle Squad -SSU Dust Tactics

I finished up my Nadya and first SSU squad tonight. (well all bar the matt varnish.) I ended up gluing in the arms on the Nadya after deciding I want another KV47, which I’ll setup with magnets.

I’m now really keen to see what the SSU Helicopter transport is like, hopefully it turn up this week.

09 September 2012

The victorious Vikings

As usual it was another great day down at the South Auckland club yesterday. There was Warhammer 40K, Field of Glory Renaissance, along with a game of Pike & Shot and of course Field of Glory. So just a normal game day at the club.

My first game was up against Chris with his Hungarian army. Poor Chris couldn’t roll a six to save himself, and I had him running all over his own troops. Chris did manage to break one of my battle groups, but the rest of my Vikings just rolled overtop of the Hungarians.


A few strange Egyptian models were hanging about in the fight, as Chris used some of my stands from my New Kingdom Egyptian army as proxy’s until the rest of his order turns up.


The second game I played Jason and his Swedish army. It stared with the Vikings getting shoot up, an me rolling like a demon making every moral check, then Jason had some epic failures of the dice as our main army battle lines clashed in the middle of the table. So it was looking like another walk over by the end of turn two for me. That changed slowly as the Swedish Nights ran down one of my flanking battle groups and the other flank was harassed by Cavalry and a group of light foot hand gunners. The game ended when my Huscarls broken through the Swedish line and went on to sack there camp. The end score was 8 points to 7, so a real close battle.


Here’s a few photos of some of the other games that were going on. Blood Angels versus The Sisters of Battle.


Field of Glory Renaissance.


Brian and Arthur rolled out there first game of Pike & Shot in 28mm, with some very nice looking models.


So the victorious Vikings rolled out two wins, so that’s three in a row, I best go buy a lotto ticket with this sort of luck.

06 September 2012

SSU – Nadya : KV47 Walker

Dust Tactics - SSUDust Tactics - SSUDust Tactics - SSUDust Tactics - SSUDust Tactics - SSU

I started working on more of my Dust models tonight. Busted out the air brush and started on my Nadya along with adding some bricks to all the bases as a bit of a theme for the army. Its the first time I’ve used the bricks, I got them from Secret Weapon. They are actually really easy use, a dab of super glue and some tweezers

Dust Tactics - SSUDust Tactics - SSUDust Tactics - SSU