27 November 2014

Photo Practice

 I got out to Murawai tonight and shot a few frames and practice with my new lens and discovered that the Turns with some young chicks they were feeding. The extra reach of the new lens is awesome.

25 November 2014

NZ Warbirds at Ardmore.

On Sunday I meet Will and Mark G. at Ardmore for the Warbirds Air show. Will was wanting to get some practice in with his new Canon 7D MrkII and Mark G. had picked up a new Nikon camera body as well (cant recall what it was, I'm not a Nikon guy) and I wanted to get some practice in with my new lens that I had unexpectedly acquired.

Now I've been saving for quite some time for a new lens, a rather expensive bit of kit. One just happened to come up on sale, second hand... practically new with 7 months on a 12 month warranty to go. I couldn't pass it up. So I'm rather broke, but extremely happy... early Christmas for me.

So I played around all day testing out the new lens, and what a lens it is... Awesome.
Canon 200-400 F4 with 1.4x Converter ...Big , Heavy and Awesome
Here's a bunch of shots, unedited apart from my logo.

22 November 2014

More Greeks

I've managed to get another unit of Greeks painted this week. This time I stayed with a similar color scheme for the whole unit. So that means 20 done and another 20 to go from this box. I'm really enjoying painting these guys, and the shield transfers are awesome now I've got the hang of them. (not sure if ill still be saying that when I get to my 100th man...lol)

Hail Caesar Greeks

Hail Caesar Greeks

Hail Caesar Greeks

16 November 2014

Ancient Greeks

This weekend was a bit of a quite one after a rough week. Funeral and all that jazz.

I did manage to get some good work done on my Greeks. So I've now completed my first 10 man unit and got the next 30 ready to paint. I have some 150 in all at the moment, so a long way to go and that’s only about half of what I need for my Hail Caesar army. I started with a Warlord box of Classical Greek Phalanx, which were pretty easy to put together. The heads were a bit fiddly but nothing major and they are easy enough to paint without spending huge amounts of time on each one. 

I made a few mistakes in the process, but have worked out how best to get them together and painted. The shield transfers are easy enough, although I need to try out scoring the backs before I put them on the shields to get a smother edge finish. I managed to get one on upside down and completely mess up the leaders shield, which will need redoing at some point. I'm happy with them at this stage so will just move onto the new 30.