27 April 2021

Tie Fighter

 Almost finished the Tie Fighter and landing platform. Just need to decide on how I'll deal with the stairs and how to attach them. Will probably look at using some magnets as that will make it much easier to store and transport. The print of the TIE fighter was a bit fast and at 0.2 so the lines show up a bit, but still looks the part for a terrain piece.

Star Wars Legion TIE Fighter

Star Wars Legion TIE Fighter

Here's a size comparison with my AT-ST, its the one in the low position, so the TIE Fighter is just a smidge smaller un height. 

Star Wars Legion TIE Fighter

26 April 2021

Terrain Day

 With ANZAC day holiday today, I spent it painting all the terrain I have been printing over the last few months, well at least some it. And of course I'm printing more as at the moment, currently on teh printer plate is different style Tie Fighter. 

Started out with the landing pad and moved onto a load of scatter terrain in the form of boxes and crates etc, then moved to painting the Tie Fighter and it's platform, along with more work on my second AT-ST. The barricades still need alot of work, they aren't that inspiring to paint. A productive day off work for sure.

Star Wars Legion Landing Pad

Star Wars Legion Landing Pad

Star Wars Legion Landing Pad

Star War Legion Crates

Star War Legion boxes

Star War Legion Barricades

Star War Legion scatter terrain

24 April 2021

Nothing But Thieves

 Discovered "Nothing But Thieves" the other day on Spotify. Some really interesting sounds and tracks, It's definitely going on my to get list.

23 April 2021

Scotch and a Spray booth.

 An odd mix, Scotch and a Spay booth ... sounds dangerous if I think about it. :-) 

Since my last bottle seemed to evaporate all by itself, I needed ...yes NEEDED something for the long weekend. A little sweet warmth and easy drinking, very nice drop and a good price.


Started doing the first coat on some terrain this evening, and very quickly realized I really need a spray booth especially with winter comping on and my new hobby room defiantly deserves it.


I remembered I had an old extractor fan from my computer rack that I don't use, that, along with the plywood I picked out of the neighbors rubbish skip, I should be able to make up a nice solid unit with the fans. I'll be able to make up a window mount for the tube out the window to hold it in place. Lots to think about and plan, electric wiring, air flow, storage when not in use, lighting, dimensions. 

So the planning begins.

22 April 2021

Terrain on the brain

 Now that I've got my 3D printer humming and printing really well I've been blasting out terrain with the goal of having a full on 6x8 table of terrain for Legion. I just undercoated the landing pad.

The I've also got the Tie Fighter Landing platform as well.

Going to have to go for some desert houses and buildings next or a random space ship for the landing pad.

21 April 2021

Old Tunes

 Dropped into Real Grovey Records the other day and spent an hour flipping thought the old cheap boxes and managed to come away with with a couple of vinyl albums.  It was really busy in the shop and it actually felt a bit weird with probably 100 people in close proximity. How COVI 19 has changed the world, but at least we still have good old vinyl. 

20 April 2021

Tie Fighter

 On the side of all my current builds, I managed to 3D print off a Tie Fighter for a bit of terrain for Legion. I printed it at 0.2 and fast, so its a bit layered if you look close, but for a bit of terrain I don't mind that, since it cost me all of $3 so far. Probably total cost including paint will be something like $5. The 3D printer well and truly paying its way now. I got it straight from Thingverse and printed it in the scale it was in, which looks about right for Legion.

19 April 2021

Start Wars Legion AT-ST build #2

 So after a black undercoat, I did a base color coat of metallic copper and red leather mix, followed up with a clear gloss coat and a few hours drying time. Then coat of AK chipping liquid. Already the model is starting to look good. Also thought in some Vallejo crackle medium of a few panels, just with straight medium, no color, should make for some interesting effects when the top colors go on.

Star War Legion AT-ST Build
Star War Legion AT-ST Build

Star War Legion AT-ST Build

18 April 2021

Medieval lockable chest

 Some time ago I had a conversation with my dad about some medieval chests. A retired engineer that he is,  spends his days making and fixing all things wooden. So this got his interested and things progressed as his engineering brain got interested in the old chest and locking mechanize. As he's been a bit cook with lung issue in the last few weeks he's been spending time on the computer designing instead of being in his shed making things.

The result of several conversations and a bunch of 3D test prints on my printer from this 3D drawings and the the chest is starting to come together. Still a ways to go as we adjust the drawings to allow for the PLA 3D printed tolerances, as the first run the parts were to tight to fit together.  

The ultimate goal is to have a full functioning lockable 3d printed chest. A bit fun and something different.

17 April 2021

Thank the gods for Friday night

Long week at work, time for a scotch while Big Trouble in Little China plays on TV and I flick through my latest WSS mag.... life is good

13 April 2021

Start Wars Legion AT-ST build #2

 With having enjoyed my last build of the AT-ST so much, I went and found two more online... a saga in itself. Anyway I've started modeling up my next one, adding in parts from my bits box and getting a few ideas off old WWII tank pictures. I used some wind break fabric to simulate camo netting, a random old bulk head or part from a GW tank for extra armor on the front. Then throw on several bits of copper wire for pipe work along with a machine gun left over from another model. Also found a ladder from a very old GW building, with a quick few snips to get ride of the skulls it worked in well.

onto the under coat and plan out the paint scheme.

12 April 2021

South Auckland Club Day

 So for the third month in a row the club rolled out several games of Legion and a few Saga games got played as well. Cant recall the last time we spent this much time on one game. 

Glen had invested in some very cool MDF terrain which looks awesome thanks to his paint job. IT will work for quite a few games.

I had to make a little bit of adjustment to the layout of the table so that in Kevin and my game we had room to move our large vechiles.

A few shots of the other games in progress.

I only snapped a few, as i was too busy getting the crap beaten out of me.
But I did play a new faction with not one but two AT-ST walkers ... alot of fun.

Some of the guys got into a few games of Saga, which I think was there was more talking about the rules than actual playing ... I'm sure a few games got finished ...I think ... maybe..

 Looking forward to some more Legion next month.

05 April 2021

How time disappears when your having fun.

 Well the last four weeks just disappeared is a blaze of fabulous weather so alot of outside work got done, but I've still managed to complete another box of Zulu warriors and have now started on my third and final box along with starting on my next AT-ST for Legion. 

With the long Easter weekend I've made good progress painting the final boundary fence and also more Zulu's warriors along with building the second AT-ST.

The acquiring my two extra AT-ST's was a saga indeed, with Milsims (where I bought them from online) sending it to the wrong address. How the hell they sent it to #3 instead of #22 I'll never know. Took me pretty much 3 weeks of harassing them to get the info. And thankfully the people in #3 still had the package and had been trying to work out where it was meant to go. End result is I have my AT-ST's and I'll never buy from Milsims again. 

I completely forgot about the photos from last club day, which we had a bunch of Star Wars legions games going on.

Kevin has been spending up large on this impressive platform.