17 September 2017


So after a very long wait,(some18 months), Mark finally in his new house we got to christen his garage with some games of Bolt Action today.

I rolled out my Jap's in a 1000 point game up against Mark's Brits. I haven't played Bolt Action for an age, in fact this was my first 2 edition rule set game. We made the usual blunders with the rules along the way as we got our brains back into the rule set and changes. After 6 turns I managed to win. The Banzai charge worked a treat for me and a well timed ambush order.

 The second game was a smaller brutal brash, 500 point game against Will's Germans. Unfortunally for Will my flame thrower team was on fire. They rampaged through several of his units before the rest of my troops cleaned up. So some fun games.