05 March 2012

Death by painting


Over the weekend I finally remembered to pickup some replacement filters for my respirator mask that I use when spray painting and using my air brush. This is what you get after a year of casual use, (I think you can tell which one is the new filter) rather alarming really to think all that gunge I would have inhaled. The picture doesn't do it Justus, I got a black finger from wiping it across the dirty filter.

I cant recommend using a mask enough, you just need to look at the filters. A huge $12 for the new filters, and about $60 for the mask originally. Money well spent I say.

I can here all those people out there saying $70, no way, think of all the models and toys you can get with that cash..

To that I say, I’ll be 90, half blind, unable to paint, in a wheel chair, sucking back  baby food though a straw…BUT! I’ll still be roll dice and pushing toy solders around a table and you'll be dead.

Money well spent I say.