25 July 2021


 Well a month goes by just like that. So far this month the painting has gone well. Started playing Test of Honour after managing to pick up some second hand first edition boxes at a really good price. So have been working on my Onnna-Bugeshia. I've probably now got enough models to do a full Hail Ceasar army now as well.

Had my first real game on Friday night. Played a straight out kill everything which was really brutal on both sides. I got completely wiped out, couldn’t hit a broadside of a battleship while standing next to it. I did however do the honourable thing and pass almost every test of honour and stand their to get killed.  Fun game and good way to learn.

Second game was gets the objects and hold them at the end, which I ended up winning. After learning a few things from the first game on how to run my Onna-bugeashia.

I got inspired by Bryan and is amazing display board for his Goblin King Lord of the Ring army he had out the other month at the club, so have started building a display board for the Test of Honour Clan. Enough space for the onna-bugeisha, a Cavalry unit and either Ninjas or standard Samuari. 

Found these little girls at our local supplier and just had to get them.