30 July 2013

Getting my Fix

I’ve well and truly got my fix of gaming over last week, even with the longs hours at work. I got in five games of Net Runner over last week, along with a couple of hours basing and base coating my Russians for Flames of War. Then 4 games of King of Tokyo on Sunday night and a an epic battle of FOG during Sunday. Cant believe it’s Tuesday already already. I need another weekend to recover.

Chris and I played a 600 point FOG game. First game in a long time and the rules were rather rusty as hell, but started to come back quickly. My Egyptian tactics are starting to work, or more to the point I’ve finally started to learn how to use them. Chris was running his Spanish Sertorius, and had quite a bit of bad dice luck at the beginning, which gave me the lead and the ability to out flank him. In fact i got in two intercept flank charges with my Light Chariots (pretty sure that's the first time I have ever managed to intercept with the Chariots). But he managed to grind me down over turns as his heavy foot finally caught up to my Medium foot bowmen. “Splat” . So it came down to some equal match ups and dice rolling in the last turn. I came out on top by 1 point. It was one of the closest games I’ve had of FOG. 

022 023

I really must get around to finishing off all my Chariots, ….one day soon I hope.

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23 July 2013

The Evil plan has sprouted wings


Now that I have completely corrupt my wife into playing board games my evil plan has sprouted wings and taken off. I’ve started to expand this idea of board games into more complex games. So for her birthday I bought her a few girlie things for her of course, but also got us a couple of Living Card games, both from Fantasy Flight.  NetRunner and Call of Cthulhu. Got them on sale, so I got them for a really good price.

image image

So far we have just been playing Net Runner. (I’ve won 1 out of 4 games so far), Safe to say I’ve been getting my butt kicked. I’ve been playing the Runner and she has been playing the Corporation just until we get the rule down pat. It’s been a surprisingly fun game. The rules are a bit get get your head around and they aren't that well explained in the rule book.  If you can get past the jargon its a great little game. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other Runners in the base game. The best part is my wife is really enjoying playing it.

21 July 2013

Russian Madness

Yes, I’ve finally caved in and started an army for Flames of War. Got the books and enough to get me well and truly started. So today was my first game running my Russians, and my first game of FOW by myself. (I’ve played a few team games) Since I haven't had time to read any of the rules, it was a very fast and step learning curve of madness and destruction as Will shredded my forces.

Flames-of-War---Russians-005 Flames-of-War---Russians-006 Flames-of-War---Russians-007 Flames-of-War---Russians-008 Flames-of-War---Russians-009 Flames-of-War---Russians-010 Flames-of-War---Russians-011 Flames-of-War---Russians-012 Flames-of-War---Russians-013 Flames-of-War---Russians-014 

I’m thinking of changing me name to “Full Stop” , you know that dot that appears on six sided dice that looks like a “Full Stop”. I kept rolling it today, rather a lot. I’d roll it, and all my cool looking little tanks would come to a permanent full stop for the rest of the game. 

There’s nothing like learning buy losing, I know cos I’m really good at it. Anyway it was still good fun, and I’ve got lots to learn and got some new toys to paint.

While I was playing Flames, the guys rocked out a few games of Dreadball as well. Looking forward to getting my fully painted team out for some more games.


15 July 2013

Game Stats

I’ve been keeping a record of my games for a since last year, mainly out of curiosity. As I’m a classic magpie gamer, although starting to be less so with the number of games I now own. If I compare the investment in dollars to usage, it’s a rather interesting outcome so far this year.

With FOG Ancients being played the most, and having spent nothing on that, it’s an outstanding investment. Followed by Infinity, which I’ve only spent $150 on this year. When I say investment I mean one’s entertainment budget, as I always look at it as an investment in keep me sane.

By far this year’s investment has been in all the extras, that's paint , brushes, tools and building materials, along with purchases of board games.

Last year board games starting to make it into regular play, but this year they have really ramped up. A lot of that is due to having gotten my wife into playing board games with me, so I play a lot of games during the week with her rather than vegetating in front of the TV. King of Tokyo taken the top spot in  board games very quickly, thanks to its fast game play and awesome theme.



14 July 2013

DreadBall – Rock City Roach’s

Haven't posted anything for almost two weeks, thanks to work and general life getting in the way. But I’ve been getting some good gaming in, with Dust, Infinity and a couple of new games. Mark and I played out a few games of Blood and Sands Gladiator game. But best of all we started playing Dreadball and absolutely loved it. Mark had got in on the Kickstarter but never gotten around to playing it until last weekend. I’ve already gone and got the Locus Team and started painting them.

DreadBall - Rock City Roach's DreadBall - Rock City Roach's

02 July 2013

Mob Wars

A few more roads completed and the city block is starting to come together nicely.

The big white board is going to be a large park, and if I plan it right I should end up with a nice usable park for lots of other games as well.

01 July 2013

Strategy or War and X-Wing

I tried out a new Kick Starter card game yesterday, which Phil had purchased. 
Strategy or War. Took me to well past half way through the game to really get the gist of it. Each one of the 5 card decks is completely different and plays completely different. It has a few strange mechanics that I didn't think much of, and were a little odd. Or maybe it was just the way they represented them.  I only played one game, but the deck I used seemed to be very limited to one actual strategy against Phil's deck he was using. By the time I had actually worked it out it was too later, and I lost the game. I probably need to play a few more games

We then got into some X-Wing, and I finally broke out Slave One after having it since it got released. My first game against Phil was an epic slog fest, with two critical pilot hits on my best fighters making them flying Muppets. It turned into who was luckiest with the dice. Which turned out to be me for once, with the last man standing a lonely Tie fighter and everything else destroyed.

My Second game against Mark, was completely different, second turn Slave One was destroyed by Super Dave. ...(I mean Wedge) ..LOL... and his concussion missiles. Two critical hits which turned into two direct hits ... ouch.

 But my dice rolling was awesome and the Tie Interceptors were rocking out the pain, so Super Dave didn't have a chance and I won that game as well.
I definitely need to play more X-wing, especially if I can actually win the odd game or two.