01 June 2020

Total Wreckage

This sums it up pretty well, Total wreckage is what was left of my Nova Cats in our game on Saturday.

Mark and Ian with Clan Wolf against David's Capellen and my Nova Cat's. Since David wanted to run his newly painted models, I dropped my light Star of Nova Cat's and Mark split his Clan Wold with Ian running the other half. One star each to run for the game.

We played King of the Hill scenario with the hill being the bridge in the middle of the city, wide open for all sorts of carnage, and carnage it was. 

From the first dice roll Ian was hitting me with criticals all over the place. This game produced the most ever Fire Control critical and so many Weapon damage critical hits it was comical.
 I got pretty well smoked from the start as Ian rolled like a demon on fire.

Jumping on top of a building wasn't my brightest idea with the rolls Ian was making.

The bridge quickly became a grave yard as the massive firepower from both side destroyed most things in a turn or two.

End result was 2 points to 0, loss for us. As 3 of my Star got wiped out and the other two remaining we barely able to stand. David faired alot better than me with only losing one.

Ian was definitely man of the match with his damn Vultures and stupidly good rolls ....
(i'm not sore about that at all;-))

29 May 2020


After my Jade Falcon defeat last weekend, I've decided to let lose my Nova Cats tomorrow as we get into the Civil War period of Battletech. I finally get to use my Anubis that I've had for about a year.
Small and fast, should be a bit of fun to play.

Will be very interesting to see how it plays out, I'm also using my Battle Cobra for only the second time as well, so the extra special equipment will add a bit more flavor for the game. My full list includes my favorite Phoenix Hawk.

With my birthday present of a turntable earlier in the month, I've been slowly building up a collection of vinyl. Currently listing to my latest vinyl addition: Living Colour: Vivid ,  that turned up this week.
Best concert I've ever been to....a very long time ago.

23 May 2020

Rolling Dice ....Finally

Yep, finally I get to roll some dice in our first tabletop game in over 2 months, now that the 
COVID19 lock down has been lessened up.

 Mark, Ian and myself got to play a game of Battletech Alpha strike. Mark chose to be the umpire/rules man as its been awhile since we last played. I rolled out my Jade Falcon vs Mark's new Clan Wolf marshaled by Ian. We just grabbed 10 mechs each randomly and throw them down.

Mark had made up a great table of a beach side city.

I got a bit gung-ho and my lights got blasted quickly.

We danced around the building both trying to out gun each other

The crossfire in the middle of the table got really heavy

It ended in a close up slog fest with my guys taking heavy casualties. 

So it ended in a good win to Ian.
And a great day to actually roll dice and have human interaction beyond family.
I'm already looking forward to next weekends games

12 May 2020

Van Halen 5051

Just finished listening to Van Halen 5051 album off my new turntable, managed to pick it up cheap online. Had forgotten how good album's can sound... I can see my record collection growing in the coming months.

No gaming or painting for a couple of weeks now. With our new house build taking off and birthday duties along with mother days time just ticks by.

The great thing is the house foundations were poured today, so we should find out an completion date by the end of the week. Renting is a bit painful on the wallet and has been extended thanks to COVID19 by a good 6-8 weeks, but at least I'm still working.

My Snake men finally turned up.. half of them anyway, still waiting on the order form the US, but at least I've started putting the one I have together. A mission for the next few days to try and get them all assembled.

01 May 2020

May Day ... AKA Birthday week... AKA torture week

So its Friday the first of May, otherwise known as May day, and the week of my Birthday. With this COVID19 lock down still in force at Level 3 for New Zealanders its gonna be a bit of a different birthday that's for sure. I've already got a couple of my presents sitting in boxes in my room. My super awesome wife agreed to chip in for my latest new toy, a nice turntable for good old vinyl records. So I've got the turntable and a couple of records that also turned up on the courier as well.... fully ready for some new sounds blasting out from my Yamaha TTN503. It's gonna be a long week waiting to unbox and crack it up.

 I've already got the evil eye from the boss and told I have to wait until my actual birthday,  so I'm being good and waiting ...damn it.
Soooooo looking forward to playing the some "Fat Freddy's Drop" and the new album Special Edition Part 1.
The album artwork is just awesome - its screaming Slannesh for sure.

On the modeling side, my order of Snakemen is still missing in action somewhere between US and NZ, hopefully it will turn up at some point. Really looking forward to busting out a full Snakeman army for Warlords of Erwhon

So now off to play some Classic Battletech and drink scotch.

27 April 2020

Blast from the Past

So not much painting or gaming getting done in the last few days. I did start another game of BattleTech with Mark using the Steam Table top simulator but only got a few turns into that. I have however been on a Blast from the Past ride. First up was my very very old T-Shirt from the Cyber Cafe days and doing all nighters after work playing the classic "Marthon" first person shooter. Busted out the T-Shirt for some serious gardening on the new section. Took down about 200 Privet trees today which need to go, they grow like damn weeds her in NZ. (the joys of owning an ache section with native bush)  

 I have also been looking a turntables and stereo systems for the last few/six months, and with my birthday coming up I thought it was time to take the plunge and get myself a turntable. So dropped a bit of cash on a new Yamaha turntable. All going well I should get it in a few days with NZ moving to level 3 of lockdown tomorrow,. Which means more people can start to go back to work. hopefully this sexy beast will be busting out some serious Pink Floyd in a week or so,

24 April 2020

Classic Battletech : Game 2

So this time around I got to create the map for Game 2. We also set out for a 2500 point game and choose our own mechs, At that points level it meant we kept at about 2 or three mechs.
 With Mark going Dragon Combine and me of course going with Free Worlds League.
I managed to find the sheets and Mechs for the game so we are ready to rock.

Hopefully tonight we will get time to crank out turn one.... once I figure out some objectives for the game.

23 April 2020

Classic Battletech

Well On Sunday Mark and I got in our very first game of old school Battletech using Table Top Simulator. Mark had setup a classic BT board with some terrain and we each took three random mechs. With both of us using the Steam version it took a couple of turns for us to work out how to lock the sheets and counters down so things didn't go flying all over the place, but once we got that sorted it was very much like play a real tabletop game. Although I did miss roll the dice myself.
Tabletop Simulator

It took about an hour or so to get the hang of the navigation and moving around the camera view, but it wasn't painful or frustrating to learn.

Love being about to get down have have a real table top view.

Mark had also put in the full check sheets for the game, although I found it easier just to use my own printed onces.

We tried out the add on sheets for the damage, but in the end found that the good old style pens were actually better and made it feel much more like the old school game.

The first casualty of the game was my Black Hawk which Mark managed to get in a couple of critical hits in the second turn and take out both Gyro's which meant the Black hawk ate the dirt and wasnt able to move after that.
The rest of the was all out battle and I ended up losing as my luck ran out.

13 April 2020


I spent all of 3 minutes searching the web for snake pictures and got inspired to start on my snakemen from Reaper Bones. Sticking to the naming theme I went for a typical python pattern for the Python Guard and decided on a coral snake pattern for the High Priest of Hissta

I got the first base coat down and and a few highlights in. (Photos are off my mobile, so not great). Now I just hope my order from Reaper will eventually get here. (who knows with the current state of the world how long it will take) I decided to buy some more of the same models and make up a couple full units. I'll end up with a unit of Python Guard and a unit of Viper Guard along with the Priestess. They are  little on the expensive side, but we need to support everyone we can in these crazy times.

11 April 2020

Old school skeletons

So today would have been the usual South Auckland War games club day, but with the COVID19 lock down in effect its not a happening thing. So I rummaged through my bits box and lose ends to discover I had enough parts of old models to make bits up a few skeletons. Ended up finding 12 in all, not sure where I picked them up from but they are perfect for my undead army. I also managed to find my original skeletons from eons ago, along with a undead dragon and mage. This means I can easily form up an undead list for WoE. I'll just need to do some repainting to bring them all together as its a bit of mismatch.

Also found the Snakemen list online which got me very excited as my Reaper Bones kick starter has 6 great models in it, and if I use my ITO clan from Bushido I'm very close to a 500 point list for Snakemen. 
Now I just need to decide on a painting theme for them.

07 April 2020

Stepping it Up

While the country is in lock down and everyone has to stay at home, my mission was to keep with the exercise and see if I can do 10,000 steps a day.
So far I'm managing to hit my target for the last 10 days now. Will be interesting to see if I can keep it up for another couple of weeks. 

05 April 2020


After 15 hours of printing I found that the crypt 3d print was in a messy state. The column supports had failed, but as it was nearing the end of the print i decided just to let it finish.
A bit of cleanup and the main base is looking good and should pain up nicely. The supports failed completely but the print didnt them in the end.
Painting wise I've made a start on the catapults and a crypt stone coffin along with 3 ladies, one of which is a Vampire for my undead army.
Also finish up my D&D dice box. Just the vanishing to go.

04 April 2020

Rise of the skeletons

So the rise of my skeleton army begins with the completion of my third 3D print of the bone catapults today. Got them cleaned up and undercoated. And have kicked off the 20 hour print of my first crypt for part two of the graveyard. Hopefully I've got enough PLA on the roll to complete it.
Also started painting up my new D&D style dice box. 

With such an awesome sunny day I did some hard labour down at the back of our section. Put in a stile on the back fence for easy access to the native bush. No power tools involved.