29 January 2021

Work got in the way ... that my excuse

 This weeks efforts on painting where non existent, work having been super busy and working on house task to priority.  So my BX droids are my next mission for this long weekend, I started them last weekend, so still have quite a bit to do yet.

My painting inspiration wall is taking shape with my colour printer back in action and some old images from a very old Boris calendar I found in the unpacking process of moving into a new house. 

.... soooo good having all my toys back, after having everything in storage for a year.

21 January 2021

Movement sticks

 First set of movement sticks almost done.. just a few touch ups to do. Looking way better than the plane old grey

20 January 2021


 I finally got my record player up and running in the new house, so I can blast some tunes off some of the old records I've acquired over the last few months.

I picked this Alvin Lee album up purely for the cover art, having never listen to him. Man it's was $10 well spent, fantastic blues rock.

19 January 2021

Hobby desk upgrade

 After a few years of having not enough space on my painting desk and storing paints all over the place, I finally got around to getting another storage tray for my paints. Battle Kiwi to the rescue with a vertical standing holder. Amazing how much more space I now have.

18 January 2021

Star Wars Legion AT-ST build - continued...

 I've now got the model together on the base (a quick snap while it drys). I discovered my positioning was a little out, so the right foot on the rock hasn't got a strong footing, so the bond isn't great. So I'll need to green stuff it and build up the rock to the foot, otherwise I can see it coming off during a game. Should be an easy fix.

Over all I'm pretty happy so far, still got some detailing to do and even possibly adding in a trooper.

16 January 2021

The Wild West

 My Wild West  gaming matt from Deep Cut studio turned up yesterday. I got it to match up with my Legion basing scheme, and also to use for a bunch of other games.

As with my other gaming matts from Deep Cut, its well made and looks great. Looking forward to using in my upcoming games.

15 January 2021

Star Wars Legion AT-ST build - continued...

 After a day's drying of the base coat to allow the enamel to fully harden, I then coated the whole model with AK Worn Effects fluid using the air brush.

 Once dried I then applied the base colours for the desert camo using Vallejo paints and my air brush. Khaki for the under belly and shaded areas., then Golden Brown for the light areas. Then finally Iraqui Sand for the camo strips.

Once dry, I then used a hard bristle brush and started working out the chipping away the paint with water. The AK Worn effect fluid doing it thing and making it real easy to chip up. I had forgotten how good this stuff works.

When I was satisfied I had enough chipping on the paint work, I ran a gloss varnish over the whole model to seal it all together and to prep for the pin washing. Hardest part of that was knowing when to stop, chipping. its way to easy to over do it.

So for the pin wash I used a bunch of different AK products,

AK Dark Wash
AK Fuel Stains
AK Engine Oil
AK Light Rush wash
AK Damp Earth

Let it dry and then do a clean up and adjust the parts that ended up with too much wash or build up.

Matt coat the entire model to seal it together.

14 January 2021

Star Wars Legion AT-ST build.

 Time to test out some modelling skills and weathering effects on the Star Wars Legion AT-ST. 

A nice big model to add in some little details. Started with the main body, adding in ladder rungs on the side, a rope on the top. I then used some left over lights from a 40K kit for front facing lights. Then using the two small plugs that came with this kit for plugging up the weapon mounts and attached them to the back. Also used a spare missile pod from a BattleTech mini which looks like some sort of sensor in this scale. Black undercoat and a glossy brown base coat for the rust effects base colour.

For the Base I've gone with a couple of stones and will position the AT-ST walking over them, with the main body turned so that it exposes the under carriage engine. Would be a shame to hide all that detail they have on the model. Using some blue-tak to hold it in place while I figured out the positioning.

Big Guns

 Got my 3D printer working sweet again after frying the hot end and having to replace it. So started cranking out Legion terrain few weeks ago. Got two large turbo laser turrets done and painted up.

Gotta love thing - XX-10 Turbo Laser Tower for Star Wars Legion by Syllogy - Thingiverse

13 January 2021

New Year and new games

 So a new year and a new game of course. Now I finally in my new house and have all my toys back from storage, life is turning back to normal, well the new normal of course with good old Covid19. 

Painting and gaming now back on the table. This time its Star Wars Legion, which alot of the guys have gotten into at the club. In fact we had the whole club playing on Saturday. Here's a few shots of some the tables.

I started with the second starter box as I love the Droids. Also good to start painting again with something that isn't to difficult. Been a long while since I painted anything.

So on Saturday I played my first game against Bryan (second game ever for me and Bryans first game). We bumbled our way through it with help from some of the other guys. Was alot of fun and really close, we pretty much destroyed each other and then called it as a draw.

Second game I matched up against Joel, who want to test out Tank vs Tank battle with his Clone Troopers vs my Droids.

End result was 7 / 3 to the Clones, and both tanks finally destroyed by small arms fire. Awesome game and so close it came down the the last turn of the last round.

Roll on 2021