11 March 2014

Club Day.

After a couple of weeks off gaming and loads of shooting photos, I got back to some gaming on Saturday. I went out to the South Auckland gaming club as per usual. This month the guys were all playing Bolt Action. I had picked up a copy of the rule book, but hadn't managed to do any reading with all the time spent at the Air show and even more time eaten up my post editing all the photos. Kevin kindly put together a German force for me from his extensive collection and we rolled out a few games. (My photos are just from my iPhone so aren't that great.)

I lost the first game against Glen, when I did a last ditch effort to try and score some more points in the last turn, which back fired and I went from a draw to a loss. Glen was teaching me the game as we went and as I made a few gambles that didn't work it was my own fault.

The second game I was up against Arthur with his Russian, the objects were to take your opponents camp. I got well pined down quickly and tried a few things out for fun and to learn the game. Charging a building with lots of Russians in it with Sub Machine guns is a really bad idea, as I learnt quickly. But the end goal for me at that stage was to try for a draw and simple hold off the Russian swam. The game ended in a draw on turn 6 thanks to the dice roll. Arthur takes the moral victory there, as next turn he would have won and wiped me out.

Thanks to the guys for teaching me the game and lending out some mini’s. I definitely enjoyed the game and really liked the rule set. Maybe in the future I’ll acquire some Russians or maybe even some Japanese.

10 March 2014

09 March 2014

Melbourne 2014 - Point Cook Air Show : Part 3

So here's a bunch of photos from the Point Cook Air Show. Starting with some of the static displays.

 The Tiger attack helicopter was very cool and the pilots were very talkative and friendly. The helmets are just amazing as was the weapons systems.

C17 , Just simply Huge

Inside the C17 

Will taking a rest in the C17

Below, the drone was a lot larger than I expected 

 Here's a bunch of shots, just one or two or the many I shot.

07 March 2014

My painting desk misses me

2014-03-07 18.20.14

So many photos from last weekend to go through, so little time to paint. I think my painting desk is missing me. Every time I look at it, it seems to be messier than last time. I’ll put the air show photos up tomorrow, and spend tonight relaxing and taking care of my awesome wife.