08 April 2015

Shutter Bug

So I haven't posted anything in awhile,which isn't surprising since I've been a bit of a shutter bug of late, with my photography taking over my gaming. Having just gotten back from the Omaka Classic Fighters Air Show I'm sifting through the 12,000 odd photos I shot. Yep an insane amount of shots, but actually rather easy to do with the camera gear I have.

So far I've sorted out the ground theatre and the Omaka Heritage Centre shots. Which I've posted up on my photography web site.  http://www.robertwood.co.nz/  Here's just a few I picked out.

The explosion is whats left of a V-1 bomb.

The saddest thing was having the FW190 crash on landing.Apparently one of the wheel breaks failed on landing and caused the plane to be thrown into a loop on the ground with caused the landing gear to fail and the plane hit the dirt. Thankfully the pilot was ok and no one got hurt.

Lots more photos to come in the next few days.