01 October 2022

Legends of the Wild West

After having just finished my Mexican gang I decided it was about time to make some wild west terrain. 
Starting with some Gallows which I've 3d printed, I'm now onto printing off a couple of small buildings on my FDM printer, while I continue to print furniture for my 1930s buildings

28 September 2022


How time flys when you're busy.Thought I'd attempt to get back into posting to help keep me on track with all my projects.. think they are starting to get out of hand.

First up I have resurrected my early 1930s buildings and started fitting out the interiors now that I have a resin printer
Im still working on the guys to get them to play The Legends of the Old West variant

18 January 2022

Blood Bowl

 Well this year is starting out slow, which is actually great, instead of the madness of last year.  Got a little distracted with the madness of work and Christmas so haven't been posting at all.

Christmas was low key and I got to choose my present from my wife which I went for Blood Bowl. Having never played it, I thought it looked like a good little side track for my printer projects.

Well that little side track has turned into a mammoth one. Found Kraken Studios and there very cool blood bowl pitches..... some dollars later I'm printing out a full pitch, stands, crowds and loads of other bits.

Blood Bowl pitch

It's take about 220 hours of printing so far, and I'm almost done. I'm planning of gluing the tiles all down to some 7mm plywood that I have lying around. All to sizes that will fit into my storage and transport boxes.

Blood Bowl pitch

 All the ground tiles were printing on my FDM printer and alot of the scenery .. most of it is done in resin. Got a load more painting to do now but she's starting to look the part. So I should be able to play my first game sometime int eh next month or two.

07 November 2021

Resin Printer Fume Box / Cabinet Project completion.

 Spent most of the day yesterday designing and building the window bracket to secure the window and hold the extraction fan vent. After measuring it it twice, I then did up a cardboard mockup to make sure I hadn't overlooked anything. Then spent the afternoon cutting up and building it out of 8mm plywood. Had to make a few adjustments as I went but nothing major. The end result has worked out really well, with the window locked and secure, about 160mm open at the bottom. Then the vent mounted facing down so no rain will get into it and the sides of the opening also covered and secure. So the fume cabinet project is now complete. 

window vent

The project aim was simply to have a cabinet to contain the smell of the resin and push it outside. Well that turned into a we bit more of a project than I planed, but what else can one do in lockdown.

The end result
18mm Plywood cabinet with external hinged doors for easy access
Intake Fan with on/off switch
3D printed intake vent cover
3D printer power cable cover
LED internal cabinet lighting with on/off switch
Extraction Fan with on/off switch and variable speed fan controller
3D designed and printed extraction tube mounting bracket
8mm Plywood window bracket
Full ducted from cabinet to window

Must say I'm pretty stoked with the outcome.

Hot of the printer last night was this big guy for my Snake Army. It's the Maneater Skullnaga which I got the file from Artian Guild. They make some awesome models which you can find at 

Artisan Guild is creating Excellent 3d Printable Miniatures for your games! | Patreon

03 November 2021

Necromunda Terrain

 Every since I moved into the new house a year ago I've been having weird issues with my FDM printer. It would randomly stall during long printers, and somethings even small prints. About 10% of the time it would lockup. So I finally got around to tracing the issue back to the Raspberry Pie I was using and the OctoPrint system. I scrapped it and reinstalled clean with only the parts of the OS and add-ins that I use and the old CR10 printer has been cranking out great prints ever since. The old printer is now three years old and still going strong, so cost wise its easily paid for itself with all the terrain and models I've mode over that time.

 I've been steadily printing terrain for Necromunda and or other Sci-Fi games. I'm defiantly hanging out of some table top time in the near future, once the government lets us out to play. In the mean time I have a fair bit of terrain to paint.

Necromunda Terrain

Necromunda Terrain