25 October 2022

Mexican Town upgrade

 Well I managed to get my Church based coated after adding some sand and pva for effect and to cover the bad printing issue.  Most of the printing issues are now resolved after much cursing. I also printed off a bell which will go in once I airbrush on some paint.

Mexican church

With a plan to purchase a new FDM printer in the near future, I had to upgrade my gaming room to accommodate, so I built another box cupboard for my current CR20, with a nice space onto for the new printer.

It came out pretty good, well for my humble very very average carpentry skills, I think its works well. Does the job well and is rock solid, having made it from18mm plywood

I'm currently looking at purchasing an Ender 5 Plus, which will enable some much larger prints and will assist with my plan of make a huge Mexican cantina ...A.K.A.... the local watering hole, where plenty of bar room brawling will take place.

21 October 2022

Mexican Town

 I got a little sidetracked on getting my old CR20 3d printer tuned after having a few issue, but have finally got it printing awesome again. And then of course the new parts I ordered for it turn up today ... oh well, perfect for a long weekend project.

I have managed to get the church printed and some paint on the buildings. The church was a bit of a pain as I had all sorts of issues with printing to the max of my printer bed, but nothing some filler, sand and paint won't hide. Overall I'm pretty happy with the outcome especially since I design it all... and I'm no 3D designer.

12 October 2022

Mexican Adobe buildings

After playing a couple of awesome games at the club over the weekend I decided to make some buildings for a Mexican town. Starting with an Adobe style building, taking a few notes from what sarissa-precision.com have done and designing them flat pack style so they are easy to 3d print. Using Tinkercad online to design them, I still need a few tweaks to the sizes to allow for the filament expansion as the parts are too tight, but overall pretty happy with the first run.

At 150mm x 100mm, its only a small building, but making deeper sides is simple, so I'll be able to expand out to two or three different building without too much work. The plan is to also make a two story, one with exterior stairs and a large saloon. And of course, I'll have to have a church.

08 October 2022

A True Legend of a Game

 A long long time ago ... all the way back in 2011 I got my first Legends of the Wild West gang from Black Scorpion Miniatures and put together my Cow Girls Posse. So some 11 years later I get my third gang from them (The Mexicans) and we are still play it.  

So this Club day a few of us busted out some games. We played 2 large games with 3 Posse's per side. The carnage was epic, the Heros were magnificent and the dice were dice. A great day gaming.

07 October 2022

Buildings for Legends of the Wild West

 Still a work in progress, but my first three buildings for my Wild West town are almost finished, need a bit more paint and a sign or two. I'll still use them in tomorrow games at the club.

Buildings for Legends of the Wild West

They are all 3D printed from files I found on Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects

Buildings for Legends of the Wild West