26 August 2016


Having originally come from the world of Dungeons and Dragons as a teenager before I got into tabletop gaming, Frostgrave caught my eye from its release, with its spell casting and character creation. So with my holiday coming up and a long flight, I thought I'd pickup the rule book for some holiday reading.

I've already figure out I can I use a mixture of models from my Warmachine and Hordes collections.

So for my first warband, the Witch I'm going to use my Satyxis Sea Witch and then use the Nyss Shepard for my apprentice. Followed up with the Croe's Cutthroats as the soldiers,so I don't need to buy any more models. I also should be able to create a nice looking Necromancer warband from my Cryx models.

25 August 2016

This and that

It's been all quite on the gaming front for the past month or more, with our regular gaming sessions having dropped off due to Mark moving to the other side of the moon and life getting in the way. But the usual once a month South Auckland Gaming club meetings have been about it.

Speaking of which, the last club meeting earlier this month was a mass 6000 point Kings of War bash. With Glen, Brian and myself taking the evil Abyssal's and Kin up against Caven, Arthur and Kevin with Ogre's and Dwarfs.

My main opponent during the game was Kevin with Ogres, who dealt out alot of damage and had me on the back foot from the start. Then as my units started falling one by one my hero's ran around fire balling and flaming everything in site.

It was a massive blood bath of six or seven turns (cant remember), with the game swinging back and forth. The end result was the Evil Abyssals and Kin came out some 75 points more left on the table. So a epic draw...although the Evil team claim victory of course :-)

Just goes to show just how well the rule set works. It's probably my favorite game of all time. It just works and it doesn't hurt the brain to play.

Next month at the club brings about the Saga campaign, a game I haven't actually played myself. Although I've had the rules for quite some time and seen a couple of games played.

I've started on the war band / army of Vikings. I'm actually making it up so I can use them as my second Hail Caesar army and even put together a human army for Kings of War. With my paint skills having slumped with lack of use, I'm slowly building them up keeping it simple and basic.

I also picked up the new Konflict '47 rule book, with the intention of using my Dust walkers along with all the Russian models I have from both Dust and Bolt action. Should mean I don't need to buy any models for the game. A quick flick through the book last nigh reveled the number of walkers on first release is quite low, so hopefully they will release more with the faction books in the near future.

On the board game side of things,been getting is a few games here and there, with Pandemic at the top of the play list at the moment.

Most of all I'm hanging out for my holiday ... heading overseas to Hawaii ... bring on the warmth.