08 August 2015

I'm Back

Jeepers it been a while since I've done a blog post. Life's just been so busy this year.

 So the usual suspects have been gaming, mainly Bolt Action and a few other games creeping in there. I'd missed a few sessions with getting sick and to much work. But things are getting back on track. I really need to get back to painting as I have way to much stuff without paint.

Started playing Pike and Shot again, with Mark starting to get enthused about it, and hes gotten really stuck into painting his models, I'm going to have to find my mojo again otherwise he will beat me to finishing his army first.

So with no Club meeting this month, due to most of the guys playing in the Lord of the Rings Tournament at Kings Collage. I popped in for a brief visit to check out the action. Here's a few pics.

After that I got in a game of Bolt Action with Will. In my totally disorganized manor, we played a scenario out of the Ostfront book. I throw together a list from the easy army builder and setup on the table. With absolutely no thought to the list, other than trying out a few new things. I then slowly and surly got the crap beaten out of me as I failed to wound anything. I think I killed four or five models the whole game until the last turn.

German Troops advancing along with the Tiger

My Heavy Howitzer doing very little all game.

Damn! Hitting the Tiger wasn't hard..doing damage to it was ... FAIL!

Holding the hills at the start of the game

Seconds before my tanks gets neutered

 The last shot with my heavy howitzer actually hits a squad and I finally gets some points.

So Will wins with 5 points to 1 and the main objective still in contention, although if we played out the full eight turns I'd be luck to have any models on the table. Still it was a fun game and really nice to play a different scenario, so I think we will need to play a few more out of the expansion books.

While Will and I were playing our game, Mark was busy cleaning up his storage for all his armies and working on a new teddy bear fur matt. (Flames and all)

Next week bring about a bit of a campaign for us,going back to the good old Wild West.