29 April 2013

Big Bugs and Six guns

The weekend started with me trying to cut my thumb off, followed by smashing it on a bench vice followed by badly burning it on a tungsten lamp. yep, that was my Saturday. It did get better when I went and watched Iron Man 3 at the movies. Nothing like siting back sippin scotch and watching a great movie.

So come Sunday I was ready for some gaming. So I rocked out a random list for my Combined army using the Cascuda again, since I put all that time into making the base and painting him. Phil with using his ALEPH and that nasty Asuras which I always seem to have trouble dealing with. We used the YAMS cards for missions and this time I had three which I though I’d have a good chance of getting and one was a maybe…if I’m lucky.

It turned out I was lucky, and I actually got all four of my objectives, the first time ever. So I ended up winning the game 4 to 3. Whaoo .. The highlight was having the Cascuda’s airborne deployment hacked by Phil, then nailing the landing on top of a building…. and landing on one of Phil's camouflaged models hiding on the roof. Splat …Urrrr …Bug Bug carnage.

Infinity 019 . Infinity 020

A shot of Will’s Highlanders from his game against Phil in the afternoon.


After that Mark and I picked up a game of Legends of the Wild West with his newly made fences and repainted buildings (still a work in progress), along with his newly acquired wagons, gallows and a long drop. This time we used the full rules and made up gangs using the $200 startup money. My usual Cow Girls versus the Mexican Bandit’s.


The game rolled out very smoothly and with all the extra cover, it was alot more fun. Everyone on both sides was lasting alot longer with all the cover taking a beating from gunfire. Add that with the use of the Fame and Fortune of the characters really made for a fun game.


With my burnt thumb there was no way I was taking my DSLR to take photos so I just shot a few pics on my phone, which turned out ok,


My Soiled Dove did a great job of walking up and shooting one of the Mexicans in the back, only to try and take cover from the others in the wagon and failing her climb roll, then her grit test… broken neck.. what a way to go out.


039 In the end the Cow Girls whittled down the Mexicans and they headed for the hills once again. So I think that puts the Cow Girls in a bit of a winning streak.

I’ll probably regret it next game.

24 April 2013

Guilds of Cadwallon


Got home tonight to find a nice surprise on my doorstep, my first Kick-starter backing turned up. Guilds of Cadwallon by Coolmini or Not.

After playing through the very basic rules a couple of times by myself to get the mechanics down, then playing my wife at two games (and losing both of them) I’m please to say it’s a very “Cool” game indeed. The mechanics are pretty simple, and the production quality is very good, equal to any Fantasy flight game production. The artwork on the cards is outstanding, better than I expected by miles. I must say, getting the big box and the game board was also a good choice as it makes the game look much better on the table. Also means with the extras I got, you can play with 2-8 players. Very neat little quick game.Looking forward to seeing what the guys think of it on the weekend.

Here’s a few pictures off the web site and a little video of the gameplay.(no need to reinvent the wheel)

Link to the Kickstarter project



21 April 2013

Mass Battle

An 800 point battle, yep, everything we had was on the table in one big mass game of Dust Warfare. Phil and I taking my SSU up against the Axis commanded by Will and Mark. We left out the most of the Hero's, with only one per side so not to complicate things to much. Three helicopters and one plane on the board looked awesome, along with all the walkers and tanks on both sides. Oh.. and one or two infantry models as well….LOL…only 20 units versus 24… not many really.


My new huts look pretty cool in black and white, (love Photoshop) not so much on a brown matt, one day I’ll actually get around to finishing off my winter table.


The Helicopters actually did there job in this game, unfortunately not a lot else did and the SSU took a good old fashioned beating.


I really need to re-read the rules and play more, same old story, too many games and not enough time. That’s no excuse, just a fact, still great to see all the toys on the table.


After the mascara in Dust we rolled out a quick game of Legends of the Wild West with some real basic gangs. The Cow Girl’s versus the Mexicans in the Vendetta scenario. The Cow Girls hold up in the tavern in the middle of town as the Mexicans came at them from two sides.

Wild West-035Wild West-036Wild West-037

Sneaky Mexicans moving around the back of the builds to try and outflank the Girls on a third side, which ultimately meet in a fire fight with some six gun action and the girls kick Mexican butt.

Wild West-038Wild West-042Wild West-039

Deadly dynamite took out two of the Girls in a lucky throw through the window.

Wild West-040

The Cow girls fort off the Mexicans in the end for the win as Mexicans broke and ran for the hills after losing half there gang early on. But they managed to stay in the game for another three rounds before finally failing there “Head for the Hills” (morale) roll. By which time they had made a good fight back and taken out half the Cow Girls. It’s fun little game.

18 April 2013

W.I.P Dust Quonset Huts

I spent a bit of time last night playing around with various type of masking tape and air brushed the first layer on the huts. It went pretty well with the exception of my white paint mix that clogged and then I over watered it. So some of the white went a bit runny. Not that it should be a problem once I run a wash or two over it and add some snow effect. (Photos not the best, just a quick snap from the ipad)

13 April 2013

Club Day

South Auckland Club day was a quite affair this month, with a few of the regulars away and some having to leave early. The usual FOG games going, along with some Lord of the Rings and Bolt Action.



Phil and I played a couple of games of Infinity, using all his building. But only at one level as if we were in an underground complex, which made for quite a different gaming experience. We used the YAMS rules for both games. I tried out my Preta spam list and adjusted it for the second game after a few things became apparent in the first game. Suppression fire made a good impact and both sides making good use of it.  I really must get my models painted, now that I’ve got a good core base for my lists.


I lost the first game 3VP to 4VP, which was pretty good for me. I’m still struggling with working out how to best score points of some of the missions. (more practice required I think). The second game I lost 2VP to 5VP, again with some of the mission messing me up. But the game was a really hard fort one, with my Preta’s really working well. I’ve finally got the hang of them I think. Also helps when you have six of them.


And to round of the day I pulled out Wings of Glory for a quick game. My Zero’s losing against the Allied… never helps when you crash into your own planes and cause damage of 50% in the first turn on one plane. It’s a great fun, not to serious game.


So three losses today, but all good fun.