22 June 2021

Gotta love $10 T-Shirts


Ali Express $10 T-shirts ... how can you go past a Slaanesh gift like this. ... I feel some ManO'War games coming on soon.

19 June 2021

Spray Booth complete...almost.

 So I did finish off the spray booth and have used it a couple of time already, still needs a little bit of extra work, e.g replace one old fan once the replacement arrive from china

Then I decided after using it a couple of times, that I need to add another LED light in the front which I picked up today. Overall I really pleased with the outcome and can now spend the winter spay painting with no worries about the weather outside


 I played a couple of games at some stage last year and got the 2nd ed Rules for Test of Honour, but haven't done much with it since. I've accrued several boxes of samuri over the last 4 or 5 years with the plan to make a Hail Caesar army at some point. So it was an easy decision to get the rules to Test of Honour. Now with the lads talking about playing a few games soon, and needing something else to paint other that star wars figures I found myself getting some Onna-Bugeisha to add to my Samuari lit for Hail Ceaser and also for Test of Honour.

I picked up the Warlords of Erehwon box set which has some rather nice metal models. Very little flashing and really easy clean up. No on to painting.

18 June 2021

Big stompy things

 Almost a month since my last post.. crazy how time fly's'.  Last weekend at the South Auckland Club we had a huge game of Lord of the Rings. Thanks to the guys having supplying the armies. We ended up with 3 plyers each side. 

Glen, Steven and Jason playing the good side and Bryan, Kaven and myself on the evil side.

Since i dont have any models for this game I got to use Glens finely crafted beast of trampling with a horde of Orc's. (Rhino type things which I cant recall what they were called)  Squashed Dwarfs everywhere, as I rolled really really well) It was alot of fun even if I did get wiped out to right down to the last orc. A really fun game, which I defiantly don't need to get into as I have way to many games already.  (Never say Never ) The good side prevailed in a blood bath of mayhem. Great day of gaming.