20 January 2015

Not enough Greeks!

Not enough Greeks …. Yep, that's right, 120 Greeks aren't enough. So I need to get some more. On the bright side, I’ve got 120 of them on bases, 50 fully painted and another 10 almost completed. Along with three generals and one unit of light horse ready to paint, I’m on track for our Hail Caesar games in March.

19 January 2015

Game on.

Now that 2015 is well in swing and the holidays are well and truly over. I thought i get back to some blogging. So far this year has been consumed by my photography, with awesome weather and my new lens I've been spending most of my spare time out shooting or working on my photo website. I decided to separate my gaming and photography, mainly because I've had allot of interest in people buying my photos. New web site is at www.robertwood.co.nz

I have managed to get some gaming in. Namely the annual Napoleonic's game at the South Auckland Club, which was two weeks back. And some fun games of X-wing yesterday, which Will has posted up a report on. http://willsramblingsnz.blogspot.com

Annual Napoleonic Clash: South Auckland Gaming Club
The usual suspects were there, with Glen, Bryan and Arthur supplying the absurd number of models.With the French and a Spanish attachment up against the Russian and Bulgarians on a 16 foot by 6 foot table.

This year the teams were a bit different from last year and I got to run some Russians around the table. With Bryan, Jason, Arthur and myself facing the French and Spanish batteries of Glen, Kevin, John and Kavin.

This year we went for very little terrain and large open spaces as we found last year we got a bit caught up in the terrain. With not having played the rules in a year we all made a bunch of blunders but managed to work them out easily enough.

With such a large game you can never keep up with what's going on everywhere on the table. So the highlight of the game was Jason’s cavalry charge across the table and right through everything until he had no more table left. The rest or the game was pretty even, swinging back and forth.

Here's a bunch of shots I took over thew course of the day.

In the end and after an entire day gaming, unlike last year the French and Spanish take the a beating. Well not completely, but they did concede.

Big thanks to all the guys for an awesome days gaming, roll on Battlecry 2015.