02 June 2011

WIP: Clan Jade Falcon

Clan Jade Falcon ElementalsFirst up I added in some blue to the helmets of my Elementals and it made a huge difference. So I may even get them onto the gaming table this weekend. My last order for Ral Patha turned up this week and I’ve managed to get a few bits put together. I’ve now got a few vehicles to add some depth to some of our games. An Indra Infantry transport vehicle, a couple of Odin tanks and a couple of Svantovit IFV -Hover craft are also added to my Clan inventory.

I must say all the models I’ve got from Ral Patha have been well worth it. The quality is really good and some of the details on the small models is really well done.

Clan_ Jade Falcon Indra Infantry TransportimageClan Jade Falcon Odin TankimageClan Jade Falcon Svantovit Hover Craftimage

I also bough a resin building from Ral Patha, one of there Science building, for all of 4 pounds. The cast I got has a few air bubbles in it but nothing to get alarmed about, especially for $8 NZ. I think it will paint up quite nicely and make a nice piece as a capture or defend objective.