11 October 2015

Judge Dredd

Well I'm still alive and kicking, Blogging has dropped off my list of must do's in recent times. The usual work, family and general life getting in the way. Along with holidays and getting rather side tracked with other hobbies.

On Saturday, we had our usual monthly South Auckland gaming club meeting. Judge Dredd was the game of the day. With a bit of a campaign going we rolled out three games over the course of the day.

Brian had picked up this awesome Infinity rubber mat when he was in Melbourne, which suited Judge Dredd rather well.

No surprise, Brian's Ape gang were looking pretty slick, but not slick enough as I took them down in our "Check Point" scenario. Which I felt was rather one sided for my Judges as I managed to easily arrest half his gang in the first two rounds. A rematch of this scenario would be good as I think both of us would play it quite differently.

Getting up close to any of the Angel Gang is a very, very bad idea, as I found out in my game against Jason. Mean Machine gets his name for a reason.

Overall I really like the game, the theme of course is awesome, the models are great. The artwork on the book is pretty cool,  The rule book is .. the worst laid out rule book I own. I mean seriously, it's down right crap.. the layout that is, the index and referencing has mistakes in it as well, there is gang stats all over the place, mixed into rules sections ... well actually there is no sections, as things are all over the place. Basically trying to learn the game means your flicking back and forth all through the book trying to find the rules. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game and has some fantastic flavour from the Judge Dredd realm, and the rules themselves for the most are are pretty good. It's just the simple stuff.. layout, index and referencing that is terrible .. frustrating as hell and slows game play right down when your just learning the game. It definitely needs to be redone.

Anyway enough on that, as we are playing a campaign, the part I have really enjoyed is levelling up the survivors from each game. Making them more dangerous, harder and tougher and of course sneakier. It's been alot of fun and reminds me of the days when I played D&D. 

As usual its always a good days gaming at the club and I'm looking forward to arresting some more prep's next club day.