10 December 2016

Annual Napoleonic Clash: South Auckland Gaming Club

Ok, so it's been months since I posted anything and its been months since I've done any gaming. With holidays, cracked ribs and family stuff the year has just gone.

But with summer here bringing some much needed nice weather, it's reinvigorating my gaming mood.

A bit of a change up at the club this month, with Bryan not making the club meeting next January  they moved the yearly Napoleonic battle up a month. So that's what got beaten out today.

After some horrific Auckland traffic I managed to get there just as the table had been setup and sides were being decided. I ended up with some French troops.

With 8 of us there the sides decided and the pre-battle banter began

With the usual French and a Spanish attachment up against the Russian, Bulgarians and British  (Don't quote me on that, but I think that's what they had) on a roughly 16 foot by 4 foot table. The guys decided to start out closer together this year to get a fast game.

This year the teams were Leo, Bryan, Arthur and Phil with the Russian and Bulgarians, British. Myself, Glen, Kevin and Cavan with the French and Spanish.

Another addition this year was the objects, five spread down the table length. The side controlling the most at the end of the game would win.

Objects decided

Deployment begins

Troops start moving

Kevin's Spanish going for the Farm house objectives

Leo's troops start to take the vineyard objective.

Cowering Spanish hide behind the farmhouse ..(Good tactic for Kevin)

Well outnumbered I charge forward and hope for the best.

Phil and Kevin start the battle for the farmhouse.

Oh crap! 

The onslaught begins.

Leo and Glen start getting into through the vineyard.

Move bodies in the farmyard

The church battle begins between Cavan and Bryan

The bridge battle is all go.

I send Arthur's Russians packing and leave the hill objective free for the taking

And then get slaughtered losing the hill objective.

Glen mops up Leo's troops as the game ends.

I lost the hill objective, Glen and Cavan take the Vineyard and bridge objectives, while Cavan and Kevin ground out a draw over the church and farmhouse objectives.

The French and Spanish win 2-1.

A fun day, even with the mind boggling WRG rules.
Maybe one day I'll actually get some Nap figures myself to paint ... maybe.