28 October 2013

Tall Ships

Went out today to watch the Tall Ships leaving the harbour. A much nicer day compared to Friday when they arrived. Not the greatest shots with all the other spectator boats about, but still nice to see the old boats under sail.

Decided it was time for a blog theme change as well, not sure if I like it yet, but just went with a straight template to start with.

27 October 2013

Ship’s, Penguin’s and Plane’s

Wahoo, Labour Day Monday, I get a nice four day weekend thanks to taking Friday off and also having Labour day on Monday. Friday I went out in not so great weather to watch the Tail Ships regatta come into Auckland harbour. Due to the weather they came in under motor so the photos were pretty boring.


But I did get to see a young Blue penguin up close as he looked for somewhere to shelter from the incoming weather. You can still see his baby feathers in behind his head. It’s a very rare sit indeed to see them this close.


I dropped in to see the lads at the Flamescon tournament today as well and snapped a few pictures of the dioramas. Lee’s diorama was pretty awesome with the attack on the train.

FlamesCon-2013-001 FlamesCon-2013-004


  Steve’s diorama was a classic piss-take and really well done Indian theme. Wish I had taken a few more photos, but the old brain just wasn't in it today.


On the modelling side of things I’ve been working ever so slowly on my buildings and terrain for the Mob War’s once again. I’m almost finished all six of the buildings including all the interiors. A little more detail work and they will be ready for gaming next month.

20 October 2013

Onslaught and Insanity

So as the onslaught and insanity of Christmas approaches, as does the mountain of work. Hence my lack of posts and game time. The one constant I keep remanding myself after my holiday up to Indonesian island of Flores, is, I’m damn lucky. I have a good job, a place to live and great wife. Not every one in the world is that lucky.


So without complaints. I haven't had much time for painting or modelling but have been getting in a few games. I’ve been playing Fantasy Flights Living card game “Call of Cthulhu” with my wife over the past few weeks. Along with a few other board games. I must say it’s really starting to grow on me, it’s a much easier mechanic to grasp than Net Runner and the rules are pretty straight forward. As well as the rules are the same for both sides, unlike Net Runner. We are playing just with the starter box and six factions that come with it. We are now onto the stage having played half a dozen games and starting to mixing up the factions and have lots more fun. So far all the games have been quite different, from getting totally white washed to nail biting battles where one of us only just wins. If I had the choice to go back in time I’d would have started playing with Call of Cthulhu before Net Runner, as that would have made the transitions much easier. Both games are great and quite different, highly recommend both of them.

For today's gaming with the lads I rocked out a game of Infinity with Phil, then another blustering game of Dust with Will, followed up by X-Wing. Will’s doing up great battle reports over on his new blog http://willsramblingsnz.blogspot.co.nz/  so I wont regurgitate that, not to mention my brain is fading fast after another 4 hours work tonight.

Infinity  Infinity Infinity   Infinity    Dust Warfare Dust Warfare