01 February 2016

A bit of this and a bit of that

With a public holiday today I spent the day around at Mark's play Battletech, well kind of. We yakked and talked lots about all sorts and played out several turns of Battletech as we got back up to speed with the rules since we haven't played in over a year. It's rekindled my love for the game all over again, so we are going to plan out a few more games in the coming weeks. (And I totally forgot to take any photos of the game)

After that we rocked out to the local airfield as Mark had purchased a new lens for his camera and was keen to have a go with it and get some pointers from me. Not alot was happening at the airport but we did see some of the land yachts playing around on the other side of the airfield. So we zoomed over to take a few pics and talked to a couple of the guys that were into the sport. I found out that they call if Blow Karting ... unfortunate name if you ask me  ...LOL .. We are definitely going to go back and take more photos during one of there competition. Most of my shots were crap as I was concentrating on helping Mark out.

On the terrain side of things I've started building and painting my next Sarissa purchase from Christmas, the watermill. I must say 1 mm makes a big difference. If I compare my 3 mm City block building I have to the newer 2 mm building, the 3 mm ones are far superior. (still nice buildings thought)