10 February 2019

A mixed bag.

It's been awhile, which is the way things are these days, to much to do and not enough time. Yesterday was my monthly pilgrimage out tot he  South Auckland Gaming club. Mark and I have been playing a lot of BattleTech of late so blasted out a couple of games with all our new terain we have been printing and designing.

The other guys were play a mix of Lord of the Rings and Congo and 15 mm Hail Cesar. So a real mix of bag of games which is great to see.

 A three way game of Congo looking awesome with Steven's 3D printed huts

Ian and Saul getting into 15mm Hail Cesar game

 The rest of the gang getting stuck into LOTR games.

While Mark and myself and a new comer (Matt I think it was) joined in on the Battletech. Mark using his newly resin printed Marik force up against my Nova Cat's.

Mark's King Crab off the resin printer looking awesome, the detail he's getting out of the resin is awesome... a little bit envious

The Nova Cat's light force list came out on top int he first game of capture the flag, and then I changed up to my heavy force in the second game a lost that just. Fun times.

 The terrain making/printing project has grown from a simple plan of wanting a full 8x4 table for Battletech of buildings and cityscape. To include a raised monorail I've designed and printed and now a raised motorway system with led lighting which is still in the design and prototype phase. here's a few of the concept ideas from a few back.

Noe off to see Alita: Battle Angel on the big IMAX screen tonight, so hoping to get some good ideas for more buildings and city stuff, along with enjoying what looks like a good movie from the trailers.