03 June 2016

The Frozen Horde

Today was the first frost of winter, which is the going theme of my gaming at the moment. Pretty much frozen in place, with little gaming happening.

 But my surge of modelling continues as the mission of putting together the 160 models for my Abyssal horde crawls forward, along with finally putting all my Union troops together for my ACW army. I’m about half way through the Abyssal army assembly line now and have even managed to get paint to some models. I’m also finally getting the hang of racking up the models in rows as I assemble them, so they will actually fit together in formation on the larger movement trays. That’s the one pain when dealing with lots of models on small bases that have lots of overhanging spiky bits. I’m really liking the models ,but man they are painful to put into formation. I’ve had to number the bases of each model so I know how to put them all into their formations.( god damn nightmare if you mix them up )

I found an unopened Hell Dorado model on the shelf that makes for the perfect Archfiend, and a couple of demons from Warhammer that make for some nice Hero models to round off options for my army lists. Add to that my good old hell hounds (also from Warhammer) and I’ve got a damn good selection to choose from. Really looking forward to trying out the army on the table next week at the club.

My counter attack wound markers turned up and I’ve done them all up in the winter theme. The outcome was surprising good. Although the numbers on them are a bit small for my liking, would have liked them to be a bit larger…. I think old age and bad eyesight is more of an issue. They are a great little product and good value I though, should make gaming much nicer with less issues knocking the D10 dice over I have been using.

I also picked up a turn counter, yep...how many years have I been gaming and have never had one,..too many

I also got some winter theme tree’s to add to my terrain collection and have found a winter based gaming map that I’m eye up for purchase. The plan is to be able to do a full winter / ice theme table.