30 August 2012

A little bit of Dust

Dust Tactics - SSU

I started on my Dust tactics model last night after finally deciding to go with a winter camo theme for the army. These first two are my test bunnies, having sprayed them white and played with some patterns of greys and blacks. I loosely based them on the blow images.

I also found one of the Dust comic books online, some nice artwork in it, slightly funny, slightly cheesy but overall pretty good. 


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28 August 2012



I got slaughtered on Sunday, with my first outing with the Combined army. I left the table with zero survivors. But that’s no surprise really.

Infinity the GameInfinity the GameInfinity the GameInfinity the Game

My list should be a solid one once I get to grips with the Seed Soldiers and using them correctly, along with the Speculor Killer.  I made a few rules foo-pars in the first game, but not like that helped me anyway. Looking forward to a few more games with the list before I change anything.


25 August 2012

Alien Jungle Theme

Infinity the Game - Combined Army GwailosInfinity the Game - Combined Army Drone RemotesInfinity the Game - Combined Army Drone Remotes

More of my Combined army put together for tomorrows games. My alien jungle theme has been working quite well for me and I’ve please with the bases and how they have ended up. All I have to do now is paint it well.

This will be the first time I play another faction other than the Yu Jing. So it will be interesting to say the least. I suspect I’ll get crushed.

24 August 2012

Shroud Mages

After burning my hand badly on a pot last night while cooking dinner, I never got to do much, other than watch some of the Fades series on TV which I had downloaded. Also watched the final episode of Falling Skies series two, which I’ve been enjoying. A superb TV series if your into alien bugs and Sci-Fi.

Uncharted Seas Shroud Mages

Thankfully when this morning came around and my fingers had calmed down and I have been able to do some painting, having taken the day off work. So I got stuck into my Shroud Mage Fleet for Uncharted Seas.

Uncharted Seas Shroud Mages

I managed to get quite a lot done so far, cleaned the entire fleet, primed, and done the first heavy dry brush of metallic metals on all the models.  I’ve almost completed the Frigates and two Adept Destroyers from the start box.

22 August 2012

Seed Soldiers

Infinity the Game - Combined Army IskallerInfinity the Game - Combined Army

Got some more painting time in today, along with some more assembly.

Infinity the Game - Combined Army Seed SoldiersInfinity the Game - Combined Army Seed Soldiers

I got a bit carried away with Photoshop tonight.

20 August 2012

Dust in my eye’s


After a good week of modelling last week, this weekend was a weekend off gaming, and spending time with the family, so a complete zero gaming or painting weekend. So I’m looking forward to some painting tonight and maybe even a few toys turning up when I get home.

Yep, more new toys and another game… I’m addicted I know. So I’ve been looking at Dust for a while now, but just wasn’t convinced.

So with Dust Tactics now making an impact all over the place, including the D6G podcast that I listen to. I’ve known about it for some time, but I put it in the wait and see basket. Now that people have been playing it awhile and there is more stuff out, I took another look after Will went and got the rule book and ordered the box set. The hum-ho troops just weren’t doing it for me, the Zombies and Apes, for sure got my interest, then there were the walkers … yep got my interest for sure… then came the SSU Attack Helicopter. So of course I buckled and ordered the rules and a few models to get me started.

So now on to some painting of those Seed Soldiers.

14 August 2012

Seed Soldier

Infinity Shasvastii Seed SoldierI managed to find a bit of time tonight to try out a few colours for my Seed Soldiers.

Tested a few colours on the plastics plants as well, and they seem to be taking nicely.

It’s turning out to be a productive week.

13 August 2012


I managed to find some time this afternoon to start on the base for my Caskuda as well as pinning the big bug together. In keeping with my theme and wanting to make him nice and solid. (I’ve got a few War Machine Heavy Jacks that topple over really easy so wanted to avoid that)  I decided to expand the base and make him a lot more stable and hopefully easier to transport, with the base protecting the hand and legs quite a bit more. I just used an old War Machine 50mm base as the main standing base, then cut a semi circle to match in the base that come with the Caskuda. Added in some bark for the rocks, plants and grit and she's all done. I did brace the two based together with some green stuff, super glue and a ice cream stick, which also helped keep the two bases level.

Here’s a couple of pictures with him just sitting on the base, with the wings held in only by the pins. I’ll paint them all separately.


12 August 2012

Shasvastii Expeditionary Force

I started working on my Shasvastii force today, the first of my Combined Army for Infinity. Which will make a nice change up from my normal Yu Jing that I play. I really loved the marketing models and imagery, so decide to go for something similar. A jungle type theme, came about when I looked in my bits box to find some plastic fish tank plants.

The plastic plants are nice and bendy, so should travel well (I hope), and I’m also hoping that the undercoat sticks well to them. I only just realised as I type this up, that I haven't actually tested my usual undercoat on the plants…fingers crossed that it will be fine. I also used a few poison sacs from my Tyranids, they will make for some odd looking alien plants.

Once the green stuff dry, a bit of PVA and sand on the bases to finish them off then they will be ready for undercoating and painting.