03 March 2018

Castle Build

Inbetween lawns, gardening and going to see Black Panther today I've almost got my Castle build complete. I haven't gone with building the traditional square, which ends up a big foot print but still small space to hold troops. I've gone with a long wall with a few different angles so we can do out some large battles.

01 March 2018

Dice trays and bases.

I've been getting bases from Battle Kiwi for sometime now. As a local supplier, Olivier has & is, always great to deal with. My last order was no exception. with some custom bases I requested for my Hail Caesar army. 
These are the new bases for my Light cavalry skirmishers, which have turned out awesome. It will make it easy moving the skirmishers around the table and easy for everyone to tell that they not formed up and skirmishing.
Cavalry skirmish bases

Cavalry formed base

I also got a custom dice tray made up. With my wife being Norwegian and playing Saga at the moment I couldn't go past having a Shield Maiden as the background image.

The tray is really nice to roll dice on, with the faux leather (yeah I had to look at that up, its artificial leather). The dice stop nicely and don't really bounce that much. Of course you could get the dice to bounce right out if your gonna be a He-man about it. For the price I think its well worth it.

One thing to watch out for if you get a custom one made, is the image you use, make sure the lines are thick. The Shield Maiden has some fine detail in and around her face and it gets a bit lost in the dark tones.The details is there, it just blends in when you look at it from further away.  But the pattern in behind her stands out really nicely. Just something to consider when choosing your image.

  You can check out the dice trays at https://www.battlekiwi.com/product/dice-tray/

I'm also making up my own dice holders for wound count, and using the corner position on the movement trays. That way is simple to move the units around and not worry about moving all the wound tokens with the units. really good when you end up in the middle of a messy mass battle. They are just made from some old grey-stuff I had lying around and a 20 mm base and take a 16 mm dice.

and last of all my new generals for the Successor army ready for some undercoat and paint.