25 July 2018

Reviving the blog and Battletech

oh ..snap.. its been so long I’ve almost forgotten what blogging was like.

I just discovered my old friend “Live Writer” .. like my favourite ancient pair of wool socks .. you just cant get rid of it.

So on the gaming front I’ve been getting back into Battletech, using the Alpha Strike rules and managed to convince Mark to play a few games. Which then turned into a full on revival, which then lead to recruiting a few others into it.

A few shots from the game last weekend, and us trying out my home grown scenario.

2018-07-22 11.29.062018-07-22 13.29.292018-07-22 14.18.18

The plan is to run a campaign for about 6-8 games with about 6 players, from the Succession War Renaissance ,up to 3049. Then if that is successful, run a second campaign into the Clan Wars.

I’ve made up a territory map which will change over time as players win or lose territory over the campaign. unfortunately the maps is from the Clan wars 3050 period on, but that's all I have at that large size.

I used the big universe map from the box set I had, laminated it and have made up some bases with magnets drilled into the centres. Then using an old tin house for sale sign as a backing, we should have a great evolving map over time.

I just need to cut down the sign to size and put house insignia's over the tokens. So far the concept is going to work sweet for mapping out the movement of winning players and houses.

2018-07-23 18.51.45