17 October 2017


Saturday past was the monthly South Auckland club meeting. Bryan, Saul, Mark and myself had teed up a big game of ACW. After a bit of mucking around we got a 6 foot by 16 foot table up and terrain placed out. Using the Black Powder game rules with the Glory Hallelujah book.

Bryan and I took our Union troops along with some extra's Saul had supplied. While Mark and Saul took up the Confederates. The Union ended up with 23 unit's while the Confederates had about 21.

We rolled off and started bringing on the troops, with both sides keeping reserves off table until turn four, at which time we could start rolling to see if they turn up, adding 1 to the roll for each turn after that.

 Mark's confederates lining up to hand out a beating to Bryan's Union.

But Bryan's men turned on the stamina and helped me hold the center table, while I did the sneaky and got my reserves to turn up just in time to blind side Saul's confederate attack from the right flank. It was a little dirty, but it did win us the game.

I got into a CAV vs CAV battle going with Saul. The resulting battle of which saw both sides take a beating. With my CAV coming out on top... just. But I did lose Custer and then my CAV folded.

The Center of the table was hard fought

Great game, lots still to learn and great fun. So much so I've already ordered a few more units.