26 January 2017

The Army gathers

My army of Ghar have slowly gathered more paint over the week as they ready for battle on Sunday.

Only a couple more units to finish.

23 January 2017


Oh yes ... I'm weak ... just like the Ghar from Gates of Antares.

After 4 full games now, I'm pretty hooked on Gates of Antares. Having a major break for gaming last year was a good thing. My enthusiasm is back and I've been really enjoying modeling and painting again. With almost 1000 points fully painted already. My painting skills aren't great and are very rusty, but I enjoying it and that's what counts.

My Ghar army has grown quickly in the month and a few Boromites turned up at my door step as well....Gotta hate that (NOT)

Sunday saw me crash Mark and his Concord in our first scenario game, and then I got mauled by Faizal with his brand new Boromite force which only turned up a few days before ( hence the shinny sliver look)

Both fun games, and the rules are sinking slowly into the brain.I'm now looking at changing up my list and trying something other than the Brick to the Face tactic which I love.

08 January 2017

The New Year

The new year is underway, and I'm back at work tomorrow, the holidays gone in on the summer winds. Looking back at the year that was 2016 ... Think I'll claim it back on the insurance... it was a bit of a write off, gaming was at an all time low and the passing of a family member was pretty horrible. So moving on from that 2017 can only get better.

So my Christmas loot involved a new game, a new smart watch and a Gundam model. So, yep another game to add to the long list. The Gates of Antares starter box was the beginning, which I scored rather cheaply. From the box I gave Mark the Concorn models as a Christmas gift so i'd have someone to play against.

We rolled out a game on Wednesday to get a fell for it, and it's looking like it will be alot of fun. Bolt action on steroids. I managed to get my two squads of Ghar painted up and Mark had his Concord almost all done. We got the basics down as we slowly went through the rules, the final results were one unit of Ghar destroyed and the other fled after taking too many pins and failing there command roll.

After working out the points in the starter box, I added a couple of more units so I could match Mark's Concord. It was a little strange that the starter box was well out on the points for the Concord versus the Ghar. But as it happened Warlord Games had a sale on sprues for the Ghar so problem easy solved.

I couldn't go past the Ghar High Commander Karg crawler, which I've almost finished.

On the modeling front, I've always wanted to try out Gundam model, so with a little cash from a Christmas gift I finally got this Gundam model.  Ordered online, it turned up in a box about twice the size I was expecting, It's going to be an interesting build. With the build manual all in Japaneses I have already had to jump online to decipher what the symbols mean.

My wife got me a new smart watch, since I have destroyed three Fitbit's in as many years and my watch of 10 years was on the blink. The Garmin Fenix should hopefully be "Me" proof.... only time will tell on that front.

 It's got a bunch of functions, heart rate, step counting and GPS. All of course in an endeavor to help get fit, since my days of being a desk jockey are taking a toll on my wast line.So the competition with the wife is well under way.

I'm looking forward to a year of lots of gaming and painting.