25 February 2013


So on Sunday my Cowgirls meet the Marks Mean Mexicans in a shoot out, for our second game. My nine girls against Marks 10 Mexicans. I used the same list as I did last time, but Mark just made a list on the spot. We haven't played in such a long time and the rules were a bit fizzy but came back quickly. We didn't bother with the extra luck and characters abilities. Nice and simple and straight forward fun. Actually I did use the main ability of my Soiled Dove, so the Mexican couldn't gun her down…(Who would shoot a pair of legs like that… I mean a lady)… bloody Mexican bandits


Three of my girls got gunned down in a blaze of glory as several of the Mexicans converged on a side ally, but they did take down three of them at the same time.


Then the building took a hammering as the Mexicans kept missing and hitting the buildings rather than the girls. With four casualties on my side and five on Marks, it was pretty even until I got one more man down and Mark failed his pluck roll, and ran for the hills.

It's such a fun game, simple and fast. We really have to play it more, especially with all the cool buildings Mark has for it.

In the afternoon I finally got my big bug on the table in a couple of games of Infinity against Phil. We played a couple of Paradiso missions, which were fun, I really do like the missions for Infinity. They give the game a real nice feel, rather than a "Kill'em all" type game. The games we a little frustrating for me (thats me getting frustrated with myself) mainly because I'm so rusty at the rules, and I kept remembering the rules after I did things. Get past that and the games were still good fun. I did find out quickly that I need to get a few other lists together for the missions, as you need to tailor them to the missions. I ended up in a draw on the first game, morel victory to Phil, as he got me into retreat, but neither of us got any victory points.


The second mission was a complete wash for me, pretty much from the start once deployment was taken. The mix of my list and objective placement meant I was gonna have a hard time no matter what I did. I did still give it a crack, and made a complete hash of it after I ran my Lieutenant out in the open and got him killed... A three turn scenario... Stupid with a capital "S". ... Never mind. But on the bright side the Cascuda got to the table and killed some models. And it’s a start to get those rules back in my head.

Mark and Will got in a couple of games of Wings of Glory World War I, while we were playing Infinity. The planes look great on the table.


To then wound up the day and played our first game of Sedition Wars. Will had gotten into the Kickstarter, so has the huge lot of miniatures. Some of the bigger aliens looked awesome, a few themes in some of the miniatures that looked a bit Tyraind-ish, so of course I liked them. As per usual with the first game of anything, the rules knowledge was rough, but we worked through it and got the basic mechanics of it all. Phil and I took the humans while Will and Mark took the aliens. The humans got pasted well and good. Definitely need a couple more games of it.

21 February 2013

Drones and Missing parts :-(


Almost finished my first drone tonight before I got a couple of games of Ticket to Ride in with the wife.(and finally won a game) The picture isn't the best, (to much flash). I’ll take a decent one once I’ve got the base finished.

I also hit my second set of miniatures missing parts in as many weeks. Talk about a pain in the butt. I got a box of Gaki’s missing two heads. And I still haven't heard back about replacement for the head and body parts missing from my Vector Operator. Safe to say I’m not impressed with Corvus Belli at the moment. I cant recall the last time I had parts missing from a kit. In fact i think this is the first time in 25 years. On the bright side, at least my Combined Army is coming along nicely.

20 February 2013

Bra’s and Bullets

Yep, that's right, the Cowgirls are coming out of hiding to take there revenge after there last beating at the hands of the Mexicans.

After the BattleCry tournament last weekend and lots of games of FOG, we decide for a bit of a change up in games. It’s been a long while since we busted out a The Wild West game, so Mark is dusting off the Mexicans to go toe to toe with my Cowgirls once again. So I'll have to do some rules reading before Sunday, but thanks to my blog, I’ve still got my original list of Cowgirls.

Now of course a blog post about cowgirls has to include a little bit of research, so I let Mr Google do the work and found this little gem. Nothing to do with gaming of course, but good for painting scheme…..lol…

Already looking forward to Sunday gaming with the Cowgirls and busting out my finished Cascuda in an Infinity game.. roll on Sunday.

19 February 2013


Not alot of painting done today… nothing actually, needed a break. So on a completely unrelated to gaming note, I started another blog, for my other hobby.. Photography. Mainly to share my photos for my family and to do something with all the photos I take. (non gaming ones of course)

Back to planning the useful destruction of my opponents with a Cascuda...LOL

18 February 2013

Mission Cascuda

Yes, let Mission Cascuda begin.

Infinity Combined Army Cascuda

I finished the wings on my Cascuda tonight, so he’s finally ready to make the table and cause some carnage. Not to sure how the wings will go on the table, as I’ve left them detachable for transport. I guess I’ll find out very soon.

Infinity Combined Army Cascuda

In a few more months we will be having some epic battles with fully paint armies and a fully painted table, stock full of cool painted terrain. (Nudge, nudge, wink wink, lads.. get a move on and get those buildings painted  …LOL.)

Now I just have to stay focused on painting the rest of my Infinity army and not think about a certain very large dragon style model …. or those hundreds of Samurai screaming to be painted.

17 February 2013

BattleCry 2013–Field of Glory

Day two of BattleCry and my first match up was against Kevin with his butt kicking Later Ptolemaic army. Last time a played him about a month ago he completely wiped me out. So I knew I was in for a hard fight. Although this time I knew I couldn't roll dice as badly as last time. So my aim was to get as many points as I could, and of course try for a win.

We spent the first hour manoeuvring around the table as we both tried to figure out what the other was up to. Unfortunately I didn't cover my flank well enough and Kevin's cavalry got around behind my main battle line. A few turns after that I paid the price dearly and losing 3 generals over the course of the game didn't help much either. It ended after a long hard fort battle with Kevin finally managing to break my army wining 11/7 (I think, may have been 11/5)

(Kevin,s Deployment had me a little guessing with the big whole in the middle)



(Evil cavalry sneaking in behind my battle line.)



Overall I made a couple of mistakes, which really hurt my Viking (letting cavalry get behind you is never good). But they were good lessons and hopefully they will stick in the old brain this time. They definitely help in the next game.

My second game was against Scott with his Han Chinese army. Only 10 battle groups, which meant I had more (11) which is rare for me to actually out number anyone. Although reality is I only have 10, as my mob of Thralls is really a living meat road bump. So facing lots of cavalry and mounted light foot, I was very careful of my flanks this time. With a favourable battlefield void of terrain for the most part on my side I had an ok chance. That chance turned quickly into a very good chance of wining as Scott's dice rolls were just awful, to the point that I think they were breaking some laws of statistics. Seriously I never seen so many 1's in my life. So safe to say I won that game 10/5. It really should have been much closer battle. But that's how dice roll sometime..( I know all to well).


So two wins and two loses, one better than last year. Overall I did a hell of a lot better than last year, not only on points, but at a command level. I guess that just comes with experience and practice. I came in 4th over all out of 8. The best part was all four games were fun, even losing badly in the first game was fun as I learnt a few thing. As was last year everyone was was laid back and the new guys I played against were really friendly. Good fun games and laid back, what more could you ask for.

I'll be there next year again for sure. May even play my Egyptians, who knows.

I’ll post the official results in a few days when I get them.

16 February 2013

BattleCry 2013

  So after two games today, I'm 1/1 wins/ loss so Ive matched last years for wins. The games were complete polar opposites with a 14/0 loss to start with then a 0/15 win. 

The fist game we had lots of terrain which forced me to deploy all in one corner. So I started all bunched up and things just went downhill from there. Facing lots of bow I kept getting shot up, and couldn't get in my charges, then I just failed cohesion checks all over the place. I crumbled completely and ulterly with the game finished in just on 2 hours. So a complete butt kicking.

The second game started much better with much less terrain so I could deploy my Vikings properly. Chris was a pretty new player so made a few mistakes in his deployment which gave me a bit of an advantage. The game was very even for the first have with both sides taking and giving out hits, but nothing really making any impact. It all went downhill for Chris when he started failing cohesion checks, then in one turn I broke all three of his elephant battle groups which then cascaded into several other battle groups causing them all to break as well. Giving me a complete win.

Here's a few shots of some of the other gamines going on.

And some of Garth's very cool jungle terrain for Infinty.