28 February 2021

Déjà vu

 Deja Vu, lockdown again for 7 days this time around. No point in whining about it. Sure you could go on about how stupid and how selfish some people are, but that doesn't get army's painted.

So time to get on and paint models, or in todays case, build and base models. I got out my two boxes of Zulu warriors and put them all together, based and ready for undercoating, 64 in total. Not bad effort considering I also worked on the garden and got the irrigation all put in and working for the veggie garden. 

Cold beer in hand, time to contemplate paint schemes 

Railway sleeper raised veggie garden build in progress, proof I'm capable of at few hours hard labor.

21 February 2021

Terrain day.

 After a hard week at work thanks to going into lockdown again and the usual insanity that comes with that, my painting mojo was a bit flat, so I opted to paint some scenery which I had printed off ages ago. 

Started out with some Separatists large shipping crates, and a couple of weapons trollies. The print quality isn't great, so wasn't going to spend to my time one them.  Still a nice edition to the tabletop

Then painted up the radar station, probably the worst ever print I've done and kept. This was the first print I did after replacing the entire head on my 3D printer, needless to say I've done a lot of adjustments since on the 3D printer.  

The best part of the week was finding not one but two AT-ST's online for standard sales price, I enjoyed painting the last one so much I caved and ordered both of them. Fingers crossed they turn up this week.

Still undecide on the colour scheme for my imperials, really leaning towards an entire army theme based on desert camo and not the traditionally white.

16 February 2021

Separatist Alliance - Done and Dusted.

 Whaooo... I've finished my first army for the year. It's been serval years since I have actually finished an entire army, fully painted. 

So I've completed painting all of my Separatist Alliance, so now I have no excuse to get my camera gear out and take some photos, instead of using the mobile phone.

Count Dooku and Cade Bane where the last ones to complete.

Camera batteries on charge and tomorrow mission to setup and take some better photos.


 I couldn't resist, they finally put the Black Powder Zulu! rule book on sale, so I garbed a copy to go with the boxes I have stashed in the cupboard for about a year.... So my next project will be loads of Zulu warriors. I'll be able to use the them in the Congo rules as well.

15 February 2021

 Well Zoinks.. in only a few days I have my missing Tamiya Model magazine. That's Dam fast shipping from the UK .... I'm a happy customer again. 

nice one Doolittle Media ... took a bit of time , but we got there in the end  :-)

14 February 2021

Roger, Roger

 Yesterday (Saturday) bought about the South Auckland Gaming club day for February. Star Wars Legion was the game of the day for me. With a few people away and sick it was a quite day with only three tables going.

Two tables to Star Wars Legion and one of Saga.

My late nigh list build was a complete failure, as I build a list to use my  newly painted BX droids and I stacked them all up with upgrade cards. Definitely not a good way to play Droids, so the first game against Glen, I got pretty much wiped from the table. Didn't help I did zero prep on the rules. Still always good to roll dice and push models around.

Second game I played Kaven and his Droids, which I reverted my list back to my very first list with the AAT federation tank. That was alot more fun and much closer, but I conceded in turn five as it was unlikely win and at the days end.  Getting the rules down a bit more with about 6 or 7 under my belt. 

A few pics from the games as we played.

11 February 2021

The Gods are listening

Thought I might be this guy

 Well golly gosh, the Gods must be listing, I got a reply from Doolittle media and they are actually doing something for a change. They have finally updated my address and are going to send me the copies of the two TMM mags I never received. So hopefully I'll see those in a few weeks. So maybe I will actually renew my subscription again. ... time will tell.

10 February 2021

Calendar creation

 Well not alot of painting done this past week, but after having no luck finding a wall calendar that I was prepared to shell out dollars for, so I've ended up with a little side project to create one of my own and print. Decide on a comic book theme. Basically I wanted a calendar I could write things on the dates.. e..g birthdays etc. as I have missed a couple already this year. And there was no way I was going to put some old landscape calendar up on the wall in my games room.. So this is what I've come up with, printed on A3 size. A mix of old school images and new stuff.

03 February 2021

Arrivals and departures

 Todays new arrivals, a TX-130 Saber tank and to my surprise my Tamiya Model magazine. Great modelling mag, but absolute the worst ever distributor. Four times I have now asked to have my address changed and they still haven't got it right. No responses,... just silence.  Doolittle Media ... is "Doing very little"  that's for sure. 

At this rate I'll be departing there subscription. Which would be a shame, but I'm not forking out cash to continue mail redirection just for one magazine.

 But the best part of today is that suspicious spot on my scalp... got sliced and diced off by doctors today, I'm not taking an chances with melanomas. So good by ugly spot and hello new scar

01 February 2021

Creative juices

My creative juices are currently supplied by Glenfiddich. No a bad drop at all, although my new house seems to have acquired an Angel that likes to take a its share... the Scotch is just evaporating all the damn time., I'm sure of it.

On the gaming front I got my self organised and printed off the updated rule book. Then created a clear file book for it, along with spine images. It came out pretty good.

My BX Droids are coming along slowly, not much more paint on them, got distracted with gardening etc on the new house .