Saturday, December 18, 2010

WIP: Christmas Bacon

After a very long 6 day week at work and a 16 hour hell for leather day moving and installing. I did get in an hour or two in painting. I started on my fist Pig, the War Hog that I got off Mark, with his hand sculpted tree base which is superbly done. Looking forward to rolling out the Pigs this Christmas, having only played them once so far, I can foresee lots of smoked bacon coming up over the holidays….. bit it’s gonna be fun.

WarPigI’ve decided to go for a much more fleshy colour for the skin rather than the brown leathery hide look of the PP painted version.

I’ve been playing around with layering lots of thin coats of paint, which is working well. It’s just time consuming putting in 4+ coats for shadows on top of 3 or 4 base coats. It’s a good method for the models you want to put the time into, I’ve still got lots of practice and learning on it to do. I think a bit more practice and getting the paint consistence right will speed up my process hugely.

Looking forward to some holidays and lots of painting and gaming.. roll on Christmas Smile

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