Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Having painted a huge amount of Vikings in the last couple of weeks, I was nicely surprised today when some models turned up from Reaper, which of course got me side tracked from my Vikings. Just gotta play with the new toys. :-) Talk about impressive, I ordered them straight from the  web site, they got shipped the following day and arrived 12 days later. Which is super fast since the shipping was only $8. They were well packed in a box with foam chips.

image image image

So these little beauties are all 35mm but are going to create my Base Camp for my Egyptian FOG army, I’m going with a temple entrance type theme The column is actually really nice, the photo above (from Reapers web site) doesn’t do it justice at all. It has Egyptian writing all around the bottom half, which I’m look forward to painting up…..after I finish my Vikings…..(Yeah right)

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