Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goreshade & Deathwalker bases

I’ve been doing a little sculpting over the last few days, in spits and sprits in-between everything else. I tried out an idea from the picture of Goreshade the Bastard in the Cryx Forces book. The tree trunk and roots with skulls around it. I decided to go for just sculpting up a nice base rather than doing any conversions on the models themselves. I’ve done the base tree trunk, I’ll eventually get around to adding more tree roots and skulls once I practice a bit to get them looking right. My first attempt at a skull was very feeble and looked more like pumpkin lantern than a skull.

Cryx Gorshade the BastardCryx Gorshade the Bastard

After starting on both models I found this really nice sculpting job on the PP forums, (I've got plenty of room for improvement)

With the Deathwalker I thought I’d carry on the theme and try out making a dead tree. I did the base first and let that dry over a few days, then came back to it and ended up running out of green stuff and moved onto using the grey stuff I had. I’m semi happy with the outcome,  I still haven’t learnt to keep my finger prints completely out of it.

Cryx DeathwalkerCryx DeathwalkerCryx Deathwalker

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