Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not so small dragon

Dragon sceneryDragon scenery

Having spent the past few weeks on 15mm Vikings, I was needing a distraction.. something larger. Well I found it. Being a rather large dragon fan, (just one or two tattoos) I was given this Dragon by my wife a long time ago. It was actually a toilet roll holder, but in our new house it just didn’t fit the style. So it’s sat collecting dusty for many years. Until the other day when I uncovered it in the annual garage clean up. It sits perfectly upright by itself , it’s wings supporting it exceptionally well. So I don't need to mount it onto anything.  After removing the roll holder and screws, then green stuffing in the holes, then a little black paint, it’s now ready for a good bash with the air brush. Not sure what sort of colours I’ll use, I think I’ll just stick with the grey/black of stone and maybe add in dome colour for it’s eye’s.  It’s a superb piece for the table, towering over most miniatures, sitting next to the Gale Force Nine scenery it fits in magnificently.

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