Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Vikings Honour the Mighty Thor

Vikings vs Ottoman - Field of Gory Vikings vs Ottoman - Field of GoryVikings vs Ottoman - Field of Gory Vikings vs Ottoman - Field of Gory

With Mike turning up yesterday morning (a veteran player) so we had great help with learning the rules, and got some good clarification on a few things as well. The game started out with me taking the initiative and choosing a Mountain battle field with lots of terrain. I started up with my usual huge battle line, but staggered them a little to account for the terrain I was in, so after the second turn I should end up about even across the line.

As the Vikings squared off against Chris's Ottomans. The mighty Thor looked down apon his noble and courageous warriors , blessing them with the luck of the God’s in there battle against their Ottoman foe’s. Yes, my dice rolling in this game was just outrageous, with over 75% of rolls hitting. I’ve never, ever, rolled this well in any game. With that sort of dice rolling it is no surprise it was a bit of a slaughter. With the Viking only losing a few bases and no battle group breaking or even making it to fragmented, it was a complete victory.

If I had rolled on average, it would have been a much closer battle. On the rules side of things, I’m struggling to get my head around them, with the rule book being so hard to navigate. (Not saying I could do any better mind you) I’ve got a plan to try and fix that. It’s to focus on my two armies, being the Vikings and Egyptians, and go though the rule book writing up a spread sheet on the rules that apply to my armies and to each battle group. Fingers crossed this will help. I’m hoping that the new version that’s being worked on at the moment will result in a far superior formatted and index rule book. It’s still a great game, it’s just got lots of room to improve.

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