Sunday, May 8, 2011

Battletech–Evening up the odds

After playing a couple of games now and getting the taste for Battletech again, I’ve gone and got the Total Warfare and Tech Manual. (I’m going to do a review on the books in the near future) I started to look into battle values, so we can even up the odd’s in the games. As I’m building a Clan force (Jade Falcon) which out gun’s the same tonnage Mech’s and if we get into a campaign game we need to make it much more balanced. Using the battle value mechanic will even out our next games alot. I found this cool site with the Battle Values of all the base Mechs, which made it nice and easy for me to create some labels.


I’ve made up some small labels that  I’ll past on the bottom of every Mech’s base to make it nice and easy to know what Mech is what and their battle values.

Battletech Base

Here’s a base, it’s a 35mm Hex base from Gale Force Nine, they are laser cut so nice and sharp looking and best of all they are cheap. It’s actually a little large (about 2 mm) than the hex’s on the Battletech boards that come with the starter box set. I bit of a mistake by me, but since we don’t use the hex boards it’s not a problem anyway.

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