Monday, May 16, 2011


BattleTech Catapult - House Marik BattleTech Loki - Clan Jade Falcon

BattleTech Starter Box SetToday is my first day of my week off, having worked an insane amount of hours in the last three weeks, I needed a brake as I was burning out big time. So after an awesome day gaming on Saturday, I got stuck in to some painting today. I’ve split up all my Mech’s from the Starter Box set into Lances of about the same Battle value, give or take 200 points. I’ve got them all on the hex bases along with Polly filler and spent the morning spraying on the base colours on. I went with a camo scheme for the House Davion Mech’s which I’ll also be able to use with my Clan Jade Falcon as stand in until I build up some more Clan Mesh's.

I also spent several hours working a spread sheet to present and calculate Lance Battle Values nicely and easily. I just used the data from and then spent hours and hours working out how to do things in excel. Thankfully my wife is an excel expert and helped out with some of the hard bits last night. It’s still a work in progress, I haven't added in the Gun and Pilot calculations yet, but slowly getting there.


I’ve also go sheets with the various types of Mech’s and units so you can sort my Type, year, weight etc and get an overview of what you may want.


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